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  1. 1. Klinische Studie
  2. 2. Routinedokumentation
  3. 3. Register-/Kohortenstudien
  4. 4. Qualitätssicherung
  5. 5. Datenstandard
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- 25.06.15 - 1 Formular, 11 Itemgruppen, 110 Datenelemente, 2 Sprachen
Itemgruppen: History and Physical Examination Elements, Patient History, Family History, Patient Assessment, Laboratory Results Elements, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures Elements, Diagnostic Procedure Results, Therapeutic Procedures, Therapeutic Procedure Device Implants, Pharmacological Therapy Data Elements, Outcomes Data Elements
- 21.11.18 - 1 Formular, 11 Itemgruppen, 34 Datenelemente, 1 Sprache
Itemgruppen: Medical Conditions - Cardiac Disorders, Medical Conditions - Endocrine Disorders, Medical Conditions - Eye Disorders, Medical Conditions - Vascular Disorders, Medical Conditions - Metabolism and Nutrition Disorders, Medical Conditions - Infections and Infestations, Family History, Disease Duration, Vital Signs, Candidiasis Examination, Electronically transferred lab data
- 09.02.18 - 1 Formular, 6 Itemgruppen, 41 Datenelemente, 1 Sprache
Itemgruppen: Address, Division of general practice, Episode of care, Health service event, Patient, Person
Health sector data set specifications from METeOR, Australia's repository for national metadata standards, developed by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare ( Cardiovascular disease (clinical) DSS The collection of cardiovascular data (CV-Data) in this metadata set is voluntary. The definitions used in CV-Data are designed to underpin the data collected by health professionals in their day-to-day practice. They relate to the realities of a clinical consultation and the ongoing nature of care and relationships that are formed between doctors and patients in clinical practice. The data elements specified in this metadata set provide a framework for: • promoting the delivery of high quality cardiovascular disease preventive and management care to patients, • facilitating ongoing improvement in the quality of cardiovascular and chronic disease care predominantly in primary care and other community settings in Australia, and • supporting general practice and other primary care services as they develop information systems to complement the above. This is particularly important as general practice is the setting in which chronic disease prevention and management predominantly takes place. Having a nationally recognised set of definitions in relation to defining a patient's cardiovascular behavioural, social and biological risk factors, and their prevention and management status for use in these clinical settings, is a prerequisite to achieving these aims. Many of the data elements in this metadata set are also used in the collection of diabetes clinical information. Where appropriate, it may be useful if the data definitions in this metadata set were used to address data definition needs for use in non-clinical environments such as public health surveys etc. This could allow for qualitative comparisons between data collected in, and aggregated from clinical settings (i.e. using application of CV-Data), with that collected through other means (e.g. public health surveys). © Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2015 Metadata and Classifications Unit Australian Institute of Health and Welfare GPO Box 570 Canberra ACT 2601