Table of contents
  1. 1. Clinical Trial
  2. 2. Routine Documentation
  3. 3. Registry/Cohort Study
  4. 4. Quality Assurance
  5. 5. Data Standard
  6. 6. Patient-Reported Outcome
  7. 7. Medical Specialty
Selected data models

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- 4/13/21 - 1 form, 12 itemgroups, 91 items, 1 language
Itemgroups: Default Itemgroup, Patient last seen, Graft versus Host Disease (GvHD) since last report, Chronic Graft versus Host Disease, Other complications since last report, Graft assessment and chimaerism, Chimerism test, Additional therapies since last follow up, First evidence of relapse or progression since last HSCT, Last disease and patient status, Comments, Identification and Signature
- 3/15/21 - 1 form, 18 itemgroups, 68 items, 1 language
Itemgroups: Identification Numbers, Post Treatment Follow-Up, Health Care Resource Utilization , If Yes to Hospitalization, FACT-An, Stem Cell Transplant (SCT) Follow-Up, If ’Yes’ please indicate chemotherapy regimen/agents below, Total body irradiation, Signature-Name of Person, Patient Assignment Sheet, Patient Assignment Sheet, Patient Log, Patient Log , Month of Report, Outcome, Form D, Laboratory Reference Ranges, Referance Range