COVID-19 Medical History in 12 languages

  1. 11/5/21 11/5/21 - Martin Dugas
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Prof. Dr. Martin Dugas
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November 5, 2021

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Corona Anamnese

  1. StudyEvent: ODM
    1. Corona Anamnese
Do you have a cough?
Have you got the sniffles?
Do you have hoarseness?
Do you have a fever or increased body temperature?
° Celsius
Did you have contact to people with corona infection in the past 14 days?
Do you live/reside/work in a health care facility (nursing home/hospital) where respiratory diseases have frequently occurred?
Risk area
Have you been in a risk area for corona infection during the past 14 days or have you had contact with people who have been there? (see for the current list of risk areas)
General information
Do you have other current diseases?
Do you have chronic diseases?
Are you taking any medication?
Do you agree to be contacted by the doctor/clinic at a later date?
Do You have a disturbed sense of smell?
Do you have a disturbed sense of taste?
Do You have diarrhea?

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