Common Data Elements for retinal neovascular diseases. The CDEs may be used in clinical routine, clinical trial, patient outcome, quality assurance and registry documentation of Age related macular degeneration (AMD), Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) and Retinal vein occlusion (RVO). The CDEs were developed by the Institute of Medical Informatics of the University Muenster in cooperation with the Department of Ophthalmology of the University Hospital Muenster.

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Common Data Elements for Retinal Neovascular Diseases

Diagnosis and Examination

Diagnosis and Examination
2. Diagnosis
4a. If you chose AMD, classification or Stage of AMD:
4b. If you chose DR, classification or Stage of DR:
4c. If you chose RVO, classification or Stage of RVO:
5. Eye
6. Complications due to the underlying disease