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  1. 1. Clinical Trial
  2. 2. Routine Documentation
  3. 3. Registry/Cohort Study
  4. 4. Quality Assurance
  5. 5. Data Standard
  6. 6. Patient-Reported Outcome
  7. 7. Medical Specialty
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- 6/17/20 - 1 form, 12 itemgroups, 62 items, 1 language
Itemgroups: Administrative Data, Date of hepatic or liver imaging test, method used for imaging test, images technically adequate, liver size, liver texture, diffuse and/or geographic fatty infiltrate of the liver, Ascites present, Focal Hepatic Lesions characterisable, Gallstones or gallbladder lesions, Biliary ductal lesions, Portal/Hepatic vein abnormalities
- 6/17/20 - 1 form, 10 itemgroups, 44 items, 1 language
Itemgroups: Administrative Data, SAE, Report Type, Randomisation, Serious Adverse Event, Seriousness of Adverse Event, Concomitant Agent | Investigational Drug, Medical History, Serious adverse event Diagnostic procedure, Investigational Products, Comment
- 6/16/20 - 1 form, 15 itemgroups, 158 items, 1 language
Itemgroups: Administrative Data, Date of liver biopsy, Liver Biopsy size, Liver Biopsy Final Diagnosis, Liver Architecture, Description of Liver Cells or Hepatocytes, Liver Cell or Hepatocyte Inclusions or Vacuoles, Hepatocyte or Liver Cell Nuclear Abnormalities, Liver or Lobular Infiltrates, Portal Tract Inflammation, Bile Ducts, Portal Veins, Liver Infections, Liver: Parasites or Ova, Histologic Staining or Additional Studies Obtained
- 6/16/20 - 1 form, 2 itemgroups, 12 items, 1 language
Itemgroups: Administrative Data, Adverse Event | Concomitant Medication | Evaluation
- 6/16/20 - 1 form, 8 itemgroups, 93 items, 1 language
Itemgroups: Administrative Data, 12-Lead ECG Abnormalities, Rhythm, P-Wave Morphology, Conduction, Myocardial Infarction, Depolarisation/Repolarisation (QRS-T), ECG, Other abnormalities