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- 18.02.19 - 1 Formular, 5 Itemgruppen, 21 Datenelemente, 1 Sprache
Itemgruppen: Administrative data, Informed consent, Randomisation/ Treatment Allocation, Demography, Racial group
Study ID: 107495 Clinical Study ID: 107495 Study Title: A phase II, open, randomized study in adults aged between 18 and 60 years designed to evaluate the reactogenicity and immunogenicity of a 1- and 2-dose prime-boost concept of pandemic monovalent (H5N1) influenza vaccine (split virus formulation) adjuvanted with AS03, administered according to different vaccination schedules. Patient Level Data: Study Listed on Identifier: NCT00430521 Sponsor: GlaxoSmithKline Collaborators: N/A Phase: Phase 2 Study Recruitment Status: Completed Generic Name: Pandemic influenza vaccine (GSK1119711A)-formulation 1, Pandemic influenza vaccine (GSK1119711A)-formulation 2 Trade Name: N/A Study Indication: Influenza There are 4 workbooks (WB): WB 1: Protocol 107495, (H5N1-012), Groups: VT/VT/6Mo, VT/IN/6Mo WB 2: Protocol 107495, (H5N1-012), Groups: VT/VT/12Mo, VT/IN/12Mo WB 3: Protocol 107495 (H5N1-012) GROUPS: 2VT/VT/6MO, 2VT/IN/6MO WB 4: Protocol 107495 (H5N1-012) Groups: 2VT/VT/12Mo, 2VT/IN/12Mo Every Workbook has the following visits: Visit Day 0 (Screening, Dose 1), Visit Day 21, Visit Month 6, Visit Month 12 and Visit Month 18. After Month 6 (+30 days, if applicable) and Month 12 (+30 days, if applicable) there is a Core Analysis section, followed by a final study conclusion after Month 18. Workbook 1 schedules a vaccination at screening and Month 6 each, Workbook 2 at Screening and Month 12. 30 days after the first vaccination there is an additional telephone contact. After the second vaccination additional visits/contacts are necessary in both workbooks: a visit at Month 6/12 + 7 and 21 days and a telephone contact on Month 6/12 + 30 days. Workbook 3 schedules a vaccination at screening, Day 21 and Month 6 and Workbook 4 at screening, Day 21 and Month 12. After the second vaccination there is an additional visit on Day 42 and a telephone contact on day 51. After the third vaccination there are additional visits/contacts: visits at Month 6/12 + 7 and 21 days and a telephone contact at Month 6/12 + 30 days. After Month 6 (+30 days, if applicable) and Month 12 (+30 days, if applicable) there is a Core Analysis section. This document contains the demography, informed consent and randomisation/ treatment allocation form. It has to be filled in for screening for all workbooks (WB1-4).
- 10.01.19 - 1 Formular, 2 Itemgruppen, 6 Datenelemente, 1 Sprache
Itemgruppen: Administrative data, Pharmacogenetic (PGx) research withdrawl of consent
- 09.01.19 - 1 Formular, 23 Itemgruppen, 137 Datenelemente, 1 Sprache
Itemgruppen: Administrative data, Elimination Criteria During The Study, Contraindications To Subsequent Vaccination, Absolute Contraindications for InfanrixTM-IPV and Aventis PediacelTM Combination Vaccines, Precautions for Vaccination, Informed Consent, Demographics, Eligibility Check, Inclusion Criteria, Exclusion Criteria, Randomisation / Treatment Allocation, Physical Examination, Vaccine History, Laboratory Tests - Blood, Vaccine Administration, Vaccine, Vaccine 2, Non-administration, Unsolicited Adverse Events, Solicited Adverse Events - Local Symptoms, Solicited Adverse Events - Local Symptoms - Vaccine 2, Solicited Adverse Events, General Symptoms