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  1. 1. Clinical Trial
  2. 2. Routine Documentation
  3. 3. Registry/Cohort Study
  4. 4. Quality Assurance
  5. 5. Data Standard
  6. 6. Patient-Reported Outcome
  7. 7. Medical Specialty
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- 11/14/17 - 1 form, 10 itemgroups, 71 items, 2 languages
Itemgroups: Physical Examination / Medical History taking,Signs and Symptoms of heart failure,Cardiovascular Diseases,Comorbidities,Current medication,Cardiovascular interventions,Implantation of a cardiac device,Hematology,ECG,Baseline visit
- 4/7/22 - 1 form, 28 itemgroups, 87 items, 1 language
Itemgroups: Administrative documentation,Study Subject Participation Status | Assessment Date ,Study Subject Participation Status | Clinical Trial Eligibility Criteria,Physical Examination Date,Vital signs | Body Weight,Neurologic Examination; Date in time |On examination - neurological findings ,Neurologic Examination | Abnormalities | Mental state,Neurologic Examination; Abnormalities | Speech and language finding,Neurologic Examination; Abnormalities | Cranial Nerves,Neurologic Examination; Abnormalities | Gait,Neurologic Examination | Abnormality | Physiologic Coordination,Neurologic Examination | Abnormality | Esthesia,Neurologic Examination | Abnormality | Muscle strength,Neurologic Examination | Abnormality | Muscle Tonus,Neurologic Examination | Abnormality | Reflex action,Electrocardiography ,Laboratory; Specimen collection date ,Laboratory test finding ,Laboratory Results; Clinical Significance; Unexpected ,Laboratory examination; Clinical | Hematology (discipline) ,Laboratory examination; Clinical | Chemistry, Clinical ,Urinalysis; Urine dipstick test ,Serum pregnancy test (B-HCG) ,plasma concentration; Antiepileptic Agents,Urine creatinine measurement,Plasma specimen,Clinical status,Clinical status; Finding
- 4/6/22 - 1 form, 16 itemgroups, 158 items, 1 language
Itemgroups: Administrative,Vital Signs,12-Lead ECG,Laboratory Results Data (Haematology) - Pre-Dose,Laboratory Results Data (Clinical Chemistry) - Pre-Dose,Urinalysis - Pre-Dose,Randomisation Number,Investigational Product,Treatment Confirmation,PET Scan (2),fMRI Scan - Post-PET Scan,PET Scan (3),Pharmacokinetics - Blood,Laboratory Results Data (Haematology) - 24hrs Post-Dose,Laboratory Result Data (Clinical Chemistry) - 24hrs Post-Dose,Urinalysis - 24hrs Post-Dose
- 9/20/21 - 1 form, 16 itemgroups, 156 items, 1 language
Itemgroups: Date of visit, Assessment Date,Adverse Event; Concomitant Agent; Evaluation, Repeat,Liver, Adverse Event,Non-serious Adverse Event,Serious Adverse Event,Concomitant Agent,Laboratory Procedures,Vital signs,Pharmacokinetic aspect, Blood, Repeat,Pulmonary function tests, Repeat,Holter Electrocardiography, Repeat,Holter Electrocardiography, Abnormality, Repeat,Telemetry, Repeat,Telemetry, Abnormality, Repeat,12 lead ECG, Abnormality, Repeat,12 lead ECG

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