NSABP Protocol B-42 - Grade 2 and 3 Adverse Event (AE) Report Form Worksheet Letrozole in Treating Postmenopausal Women Who Have Received Hormone Therapy for Hormone Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer NCT00382070 Source Form: NCI FormBuilder:



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Breast Cancer Adverse Event NCT00382070

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NSABP Patient ID

Patient ID NSABP

Data type


NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain
NCI Thesaurus ObjectClass
NCI Thesaurus Property
NCI Thesaurus Property-2
Patient Initials (Last First Middle)

Patient Initials

Data type


NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain
NCI Thesaurus ObjectClass
NCI Thesaurus Property
Reporting Period Start Date

Reporting Period Start Date

Data type


NCI Thesaurus ObjectClass
NCI Thesaurus Property
NCI Thesaurus Property-2
NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain
NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain-2
Reporting Period End Date

Reporting Period End Date

Data type


NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain
NCI Thesaurus Property
NCI Thesaurus ObjectClass
NCI Thesaurus Property-2
Completed by

Person Completing Form

Data type


NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain
NCI Thesaurus ObjectClass
NCI Thesaurus Property


Data type


NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain
NCI Thesaurus ObjectClass
NCI Thesaurus ObjectClass-2
NCI Thesaurus Property
Adverse event

Adverse event

Has the patient experienced any of the following? Any of the listed Grade 2 AEs OR Any Grade 3 AEs not involving hospitalization OR Any Grade 3 AEs involving hospitalization that are unrelated or unlikely to be related to letrozole (Since the previous AE report)


Data type


NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain
NCI Thesaurus Property
NCI Thesaurus ObjectClass
NCI Thesaurus Property-2
Adverse Event


Data type


NCI Thesaurus ObjectClass
NCI Thesaurus Property
NCI Thesaurus Property-2
NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain
NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain-2
NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain-3
NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain-4
NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain-5


Data type


NCI Thesaurus ObjectClass
NCI Thesaurus Property
NCI Thesaurus Property-2
NCI Thesaurus Property-3
NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain
NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain-2
NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain-3

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This paper worksheet may be completed to faciliate the entry of the information in NSABP Coordinator Online. Partially completed forms may be saved in Coordinator Online. DO NOT SUBMIT THIS WORKSHEET VIA FAX OR MAIL.

Description | Question | Decode (Coded Value)
Data type
Item Group
C1320722 (UMLS CUI-1)
Patient ID NSABP
NSABP Patient ID
C25337 (NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain)
C2348585 (UMLS CUI-1)
C16960 (NCI Thesaurus ObjectClass)
C1513905 (UMLS CUI-2)
C25364 (NCI Thesaurus Property)
C15818 (NCI Thesaurus Property-2)
Patient Initials
Patient Initials (Last First Middle)
C25191 (NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain)
C2986440 (UMLS CUI-1)
C16960 (NCI Thesaurus ObjectClass)
C25536 (NCI Thesaurus Property)
Reporting Period Start Date
Reporting Period Start Date
C15368 (NCI Thesaurus ObjectClass)
C25616 (NCI Thesaurus Property)
C2361257 (UMLS CUI-1)
C25651 (NCI Thesaurus Property-2)
C25164 (NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain)
C25431 (NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain-2)
Reporting Period End Date
Reporting Period End Date
C25164 (NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain)
C2361259 (UMLS CUI-1)
C25616 (NCI Thesaurus Property)
C15368 (NCI Thesaurus ObjectClass)
C25651 (NCI Thesaurus Property-2)
Person Completing Form
Completed by
C25191 (NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain)
C1550483 (UMLS CUI-1)
C25657 (NCI Thesaurus ObjectClass)
C25364 (NCI Thesaurus Property)
Signature date
C25164 (NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain)
C25190 (NCI Thesaurus ObjectClass)
C25657 (NCI Thesaurus ObjectClass-2)
C25678 (NCI Thesaurus Property)
C0011008 (UMLS CUI-1)
C1519316 (UMLS CUI-2)
Item Group
Adverse event
C0877248 (UMLS CUI-1)
Grade 2 or 3 AEs
Has the patient experienced any of the following? Any of the listed Grade 2 AEs OR Any Grade 3 AEs not involving hospitalization OR Any Grade 3 AEs involving hospitalization that are unrelated or unlikely to be related to letrozole (Since the previous AE report)
C38147 (NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain)
C25594 (NCI Thesaurus Property)
C41331 (NCI Thesaurus ObjectClass)
C25179 (NCI Thesaurus Property-2)
C0877248 (UMLS CUI-1)
Adverse Event
C41331 (NCI Thesaurus ObjectClass)
C49704 (NCI Thesaurus Property)
C45559 (NCI Thesaurus Property-2)
C45255 (NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain)
C49704 (NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain-2)
C42614 (NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain-3)
C45559 (NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain-4)
C25714 (NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain-5)
C1516728 (UMLS CUI-1)
C2826934 (UMLS CUI-2)
Code List
Adverse Event
CL Item
Abdominal Distension (Abdominal distension)
E10456 (CTCAE)
C0235698 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Abdominal Infection (Abdominal infection)
E11282 (CTCAE)
C1167648 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Abdominal Pain (Abdominal pain)
E10460 (CTCAE)
C0000737 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Abdominal Soft Tissue Necrosis (Abdominal soft tissue necrosis)
E12369 (CTCAE)
C1699695 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Abducens Nerve Disorder (Abducens nerve disorder)
E12569 (CTCAE)
C0271355 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Accessory Nerve Disorder (Accessory nerve disorder)
E12573 (CTCAE)
C0152180 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Acidosis (Acidosis)
E12237 (CTCAE)
C0001122 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Acoustic Nerve Disorder Nos (Acoustic nerve disorder NOS)
E12577 (CTCAE)
C0001163 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time Prolonged (Activated partial thromboplastin time prolonged)
E12073 (CTCAE)
C0240671 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Acute Coronary Syndrome (Acute coronary syndrome)
E10066 (CTCAE)
C0948089 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Acute Kidney Injury (Acute kidney injury)
E12973 (CTCAE)
C2609414 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Adrenal Insufficiency (Adrenal insufficiency)
E10298 (CTCAE)
C1963059 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome (Adult respiratory distress syndrome)
E13299 (CTCAE)
C0035222 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Agitation (Agitation)
E12874 (CTCAE)
C0085631 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Akathisia (Akathisia)
E12581 (CTCAE)
C0392156 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Alanine Aminotransferase Increased (Alanine aminotransferase increased)
E12077 (CTCAE)
C0151905 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Alcohol Intolerance (Alcohol intolerance)
E12242 (CTCAE)
C1558922 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Alkaline Phosphatase Increased (Alkaline phosphatase increased)
E12082 (CTCAE)
C0151849 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Alkalosis (Alkalosis)
E12247 (CTCAE)
C0002063 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Allergic Reaction (Allergic reaction)
E11248 (CTCAE)
C1527304 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Allergic Rhinitis (Allergic rhinitis)
E13303 (CTCAE)
C2607914 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Alopecia (Alopecia)
E13611 (CTCAE)
C1559115 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Amnesia (Amnesia)
E12585 (CTCAE)
C0002622 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Anal Fistula (Anal fistula)
E10464 (CTCAE)
C0205929 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Anal Hemorrhage (Anal hemorrhage)
E10470 (CTCAE)
C0426747 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Anal Mucositis (Anal mucositis)
E10476 (CTCAE)
C1699653 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Anal Necrosis (Anal necrosis)
E10482 (CTCAE)
C1697981 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Anal Pain (Anal pain)
E10486 (CTCAE)
C0238637 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Anal Stenosis (Anal stenosis)
E10490 (CTCAE)
C0262374 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Anal Ulcer (Anal ulcer)
E10496 (CTCAE)
C2939444 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Anaphylaxis (Anaphylaxis)
E11254 (CTCAE)
C0002792 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Anemia (Anemia)
E10010 (CTCAE)
C0002871 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Ankle Fracture (Ankle fracture)
E11640 (CTCAE)
C0159877 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Anorectal Infection (Anorectal infection)
E11286 (CTCAE)
C2700620 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Anorexia (Anorexia)
E12252 (CTCAE)
C0003123 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Anorgasmia (Anorgasmia)
E12880 (CTCAE)
C0234022 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Anxiety (Anxiety)
E12883 (CTCAE)
C0003467 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Aortic Injury (Aortic injury)
E11644 (CTCAE)
C0854391 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Aortic Valve Disease (Aortic valve disease)
E10071 (CTCAE)
C1260873 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Aphonia (Aphonia)
E12589 (CTCAE)
C0003564 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Apnea (Apnea)
E13306 (CTCAE)
C0003578 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Appendicitis (Appendicitis)
E11292 (CTCAE)
C0003615 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Appendicitis Perforated (Appendicitis perforated)
E11296 (CTCAE)
C0854119 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Arachnoiditis (Arachnoiditis)
E12591 (CTCAE)
C0003708 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Arterial Injury (Arterial injury)
E11648 (CTCAE)
C0340652 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Arteritis Infective (Arteritis infective)
E11301 (CTCAE)
C1697748 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Arthralgia (Arthralgia)
E12374 (CTCAE)
C0003862 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Arthritis (Arthritis)
E12378 (CTCAE)
C0003864 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Ascites (Ascites)
E10502 (CTCAE)
C0003962 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Aspartate Aminotransferase Increased (Aspartate aminotransferase increased)
E12087 (CTCAE)
C0151904 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Aspiration (Aspiration)
E13310 (CTCAE)
C0349707 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Asystole (Asystole)
E10077 (CTCAE)
C1963122 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Ataxia (Ataxia)
E12597 (CTCAE)
C0004134 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Atelectasis (Atelectasis)
E13316 (CTCAE)
C0004144 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Atrial Fibrillation (Atrial fibrillation)
E10081 (CTCAE)
C0004238 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Atrial Flutter (Atrial flutter)
E10087 (CTCAE)
C0004239 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Atrioventricular Block Complete (Atrioventricular block complete)
E10093 (CTCAE)
C0151517 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Atrioventricular Block First Degree (Atrioventricular block first degree)
E10098 (CTCAE)
C0085614 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Autoimmune Disorder (Autoimmune disorder)
E11258 (CTCAE)
C0004364 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Avascular Necrosis (Avascular necrosis)
E12382 (CTCAE)
C0027543 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Azoospermia (Azoospermia)
E13067 (CTCAE)
C0004509 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Back Pain (Back pain)
E12388 (CTCAE)
C0004604 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Bile Duct Stenosis (Bile duct stenosis)
E11173 (CTCAE)
C0267925 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Biliary Anastomotic Leak (Biliary anastomotic leak)
E11654 (CTCAE)
C0401006 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Biliary Fistula (Biliary fistula)
E11179 (CTCAE)
C0005417 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Biliary Tract Infection (Biliary tract infection)
E11305 (CTCAE)
C0008311 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Bladder Anastomotic Leak (Bladder anastomotic leak)
E11660 (CTCAE)
C1557857 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Bladder Infection (Bladder infection)
E11309 (CTCAE)
C0600041 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Bladder Perforation (Bladder perforation)
E12979 (CTCAE)
C0434133 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Bladder Spasm (Bladder spasm)
E12984 (CTCAE)
C0426390 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Bloating (Bloating)
E10508 (CTCAE)
C1291077 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Blood And Lymphatic System Disorders - Other, Specify (Blood and lymphatic system disorders - Other, Specify)
E10016 (CTCAE)
C0851353 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Blood Antidiuretic Hormone Abnormal (Blood antidiuretic hormone abnormal)
E12092 (CTCAE)
C0853592 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Blood Bilirubin Increased (Blood bilirubin increased)
E12096 (CTCAE)
C1557209 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Blood Corticotrophin Decreased (Blood corticotrophin decreased)
E12101 (CTCAE)
C0853122 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Blood Gonadotrophin Abnormal (Blood gonadotrophin abnormal)
E12105 (CTCAE)
C0853603 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Blood Prolactin Abnormal (Blood prolactin abnormal)
E12109 (CTCAE)
C0853620 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Blurred Vision (Blurred vision)
E10346 (CTCAE)
C0344232 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Body Odor (Body odor)
E13614 (CTCAE)
C0085595 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Bone Infection (Bone infection)
E11314 (CTCAE)
C0029443 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Bone Marrow Hypocellular (Bone marrow hypocellular)
E10022 (CTCAE)
C0151773 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Bone Pain (Bone pain)
E12392 (CTCAE)
C0151825 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Brachial Plexopathy (Brachial plexopathy)
E12601 (CTCAE)
C0700251 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Breast Atrophy (Breast atrophy)
E13069 (CTCAE)
C0151511 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Breast Infection (Breast infection)
E11318 (CTCAE)
C0392317 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Breast Pain (Breast pain)
E13073 (CTCAE)
C0024902 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Bronchial Fistula (Bronchial fistula)
E13322 (CTCAE)
C0006262 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Bronchial Infection (Bronchial infection)
E11323 (CTCAE)
C0006277 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Bronchial Obstruction (Bronchial obstruction)
E13328 (CTCAE)
C0221725 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Bronchial Stricture (Bronchial stricture)
E13334 (CTCAE)
C1504507 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Bronchopleural Fistula (Bronchopleural fistula)
E13340 (CTCAE)
C0238132 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Bronchopulmonary Hemorrhage (Bronchopulmonary hemorrhage)
E13346 (CTCAE)
C1560774 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Bronchospasm (Bronchospasm)
E13352 (CTCAE)
C0006266 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Bruising (Bruising)
E11666 (CTCAE)
C0009938 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Bullous Dermatitis (Bullous dermatitis)
E13617 (CTCAE)
C0406650 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Burn (Burn)
E11669 (CTCAE)
C0006434 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Buttock Pain (Buttock pain)
E12396 (CTCAE)
C0231710 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Capillary Leak Syndrome (Capillary leak syndrome)
E13766 (CTCAE)
C0343084 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Carbon Monoxide Diffusing Capacity Decreased (Carbon monoxide diffusing capacity decreased)
E12112 (CTCAE)
C1697788 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Cardiac Arrest (Cardiac arrest)
E10101 (CTCAE)
C0018790 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Cardiac Disorders - Other, Specify (Cardiac disorders - Other, Specify)
E10104 (CTCAE)
C0178273 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Cardiac Troponin I Increased (Cardiac troponin I increased)
E12116 (CTCAE)
C0852692 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Cardiac Troponin T Increased (Cardiac troponin T increased)
E12119 (CTCAE)
C0852680 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Cataract (Cataract)
E10350 (CTCAE)
C1837261 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Catheter Related Infection (Catheter related infection)
E11328 (CTCAE)
C0860239 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
CD4 Lymphocytes Decreased (CD4 lymphocytes decreased)
E12122 (CTCAE)
C0853142 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Cecal Hemorrhage (Cecal hemorrhage)
E10511 (CTCAE)
C1699142 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Cecal Infection (Cecal infection)
E11333 (CTCAE)
C1699694 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Central Nervous System Necrosis (Central nervous system necrosis)
E12605 (CTCAE)
C1392207 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Cerebrospinal Fluid Leakage (Cerebrospinal fluid leakage)
E12611 (CTCAE)
C0023182 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Cervicitis Infection (Cervicitis infection)
E11337 (CTCAE)
C0856203 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Cheilitis (Cheilitis)
E10517 (CTCAE)
C0007971 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Chest Pain - Cardiac (Chest pain - cardiac)
E10110 (CTCAE)
C0423636 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Chest Wall Pain (Chest wall pain)
E12400 (CTCAE)
C0008035 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Chills (Chills)
E11074 (CTCAE)
C0085593 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Cholecystitis (Cholecystitis)
E11184 (CTCAE)
C0008325 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Cholesterol High (Cholesterol high)
E12127 (CTCAE)
C0020443 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Chronic Kidney Disease (Chronic kidney disease)
E12988 (CTCAE)
C1561643 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Chylothorax (Chylothorax)
E13358 (CTCAE)
C1487026 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Cognitive Disturbance (Cognitive disturbance)
E12617 (CTCAE)
C1963144 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Colitis (Colitis)
E10521 (CTCAE)
C0341332 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Colonic Fistula (Colonic fistula)
E10527 (CTCAE)
C0341365 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Colonic Hemorrhage (Colonic hemorrhage)
E10533 (CTCAE)
C0151694 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Colonic Obstruction (Colonic obstruction)
E10539 (CTCAE)
C0235328 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Colonic Perforation (Colonic perforation)
E10545 (CTCAE)
C0347646 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Colonic Stenosis (Colonic stenosis)
E10550 (CTCAE)
C0267466 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Colonic Ulcer (Colonic ulcer)
E10556 (CTCAE)
C0267491 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Concentration Impairment (Concentration impairment)
E12621 (CTCAE)
C0235198 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Conduction Disorder (Conduction disorder)
E10114 (CTCAE)
C0264886 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Confusion (Confusion)
E12889 (CTCAE)
C0009676 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Congenital, Familial And Genetic Disorders - Other, Specify (Congenital, familial and genetic disorders - Other, Specify)
E10250 (CTCAE)
C0851352 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Conjunctivitis (Conjunctivitis)
E10355 (CTCAE)
C0009763 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Conjunctivitis Infective (Conjunctivitis infective)
E11342 (CTCAE)
C0497209 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Constipation (Constipation)
E10562 (CTCAE)
C0221152 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Constrictive Pericarditis (Constrictive pericarditis)
E10120 (CTCAE)
C0031048 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Corneal Infection (Corneal infection)
E11347 (CTCAE)
C0729777 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Corneal Ulcer (Corneal ulcer)
E10359 (CTCAE)
C0010043 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Cough (Cough)
E13364 (CTCAE)
C0010200 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
CPK Increased (CPK increased)
E12132 (CTCAE)
C1853927 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Cranial Nerve Infection (Cranial nerve infection)
E11352 (CTCAE)
C1697749 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Creatinine Increased (Creatinine increased)
E12137 (CTCAE)
C0151578 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Cushingoid (Cushingoid)
E10304 (CTCAE)
C0332601 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Cystitis Noninfective (Cystitis noninfective)
E12994 (CTCAE)
C0010692 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Cytokine Release Syndrome (Cytokine release syndrome)
E11264 (CTCAE)
C0948245 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Death Neonatal (Death neonatal)
E11078 (CTCAE)
C2749388 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Death NOS (Death NOS)
E11080 (CTCAE)
C1306577 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Dehydration (Dehydration)
E12258 (CTCAE)
C0011175 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Delayed Orgasm (Delayed orgasm)
E12895 (CTCAE)
C1112573 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Delayed Puberty (Delayed puberty)
E10308 (CTCAE)
C0034012 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Delirium (Delirium)
E12898 (CTCAE)
C0011206 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Delusions (Delusions)
E12904 (CTCAE)
C0011253 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Dental Caries (Dental caries)
E10568 (CTCAE)
C0011334 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Depressed Level Of Consciousness (Depressed level of consciousness)
E12625 (CTCAE)
C0549249 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Depression (Depression)
E12909 (CTCAE)
C0011581 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Dermatitis Radiation (Dermatitis radiation)
E11675 (CTCAE)
C0034561 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Device Related Infection (Device related infection)
E11356 (CTCAE)
C1619702 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Diarrhea (Diarrhea)
E10572 (CTCAE)
C0011991 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (Disseminated intravascular coagulation)
E10028 (CTCAE)
C0012739 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Dizziness (Dizziness)
E12631 (CTCAE)
C0012833 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Dry Eye (Dry eye)
E10363 (CTCAE)
C0314719 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Dry Mouth (Dry mouth)
E10578 (CTCAE)
C0043352 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Dry Skin (Dry skin)
E13623 (CTCAE)
C0151908 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Duodenal Fistula (Duodenal fistula)
E10582 (CTCAE)
C0267358 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Duodenal Hemorrhage (Duodenal hemorrhage)
E10588 (CTCAE)
C0521595 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Duodenal Infection (Duodenal infection)
E11360 (CTCAE)
C1698629 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Duodenal Obstruction (Duodenal obstruction)
E10594 (CTCAE)
C0013292 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Duodenal Perforation (Duodenal perforation)
E10600 (CTCAE)
C0267356 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Duodenal Stenosis (Duodenal stenosis)
E10605 (CTCAE)
C0238093 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Duodenal Ulcer (Duodenal ulcer)
E10611 (CTCAE)
C0013295 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Dysarthria (Dysarthria)
E12635 (CTCAE)
C0013362 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Dysesthesia (Dysesthesia)
E12639 (CTCAE)
C0392699 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Dysgeusia (Dysgeusia)
E12643 (CTCAE)
C0013378 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Dysmenorrhea (Dysmenorrhea)
E13077 (CTCAE)
C0013390 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Dyspareunia (Dyspareunia)
E13081 (CTCAE)
C1384606 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Dyspepsia (Dyspepsia)
E10617 (CTCAE)
C0013395 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Dysphagia (Dysphagia)
E10621 (CTCAE)
C0011168 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Dysphasia (Dysphasia)
E12646 (CTCAE)
C1096340 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Dyspnea (Dyspnea)
E13368 (CTCAE)
C0013404 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Ear And Labyrinth Disorders - Other, Specify (Ear and labyrinth disorders - Other, Specify)
E10256 (CTCAE)
C0851354 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Ear Pain (Ear pain)
E10262 (CTCAE)
C0013456 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Edema Cerebral (Edema cerebral)
E12650 (CTCAE)
C0006114 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Edema Face (Edema face)
E11082 (CTCAE)
C0542571 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Edema Limbs (Edema limbs)
E11086 (CTCAE)
C1962951 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Edema Trunk (Edema trunk)
E11090 (CTCAE)
C0578541 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Ejaculation Disorder (Ejaculation disorder)
E13085 (CTCAE)
C0235969 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Ejection Fraction Decreased (Ejection fraction decreased)
E12142 (CTCAE)
C0743400 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Electrocardiogram QT Corrected Interval Prolonged (Electrocardiogram QT corrected interval prolonged)
E12146 (CTCAE)
C0855333 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Encephalitis Infection (Encephalitis infection)
E11365 (CTCAE)
C0596773 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Encephalomyelitis Infection (Encephalomyelitis infection)
E11369 (CTCAE)
C0856705 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Encephalopathy (Encephalopathy)
E12652 (CTCAE)
C0085584 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Endocarditis Infective (Endocarditis infective)
E11373 (CTCAE)
C1541923 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Endocrine Disorders - Other, Specify (Endocrine disorders - Other, Specify)
E10311 (CTCAE)
C0029793 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Endophthalmitis (Endophthalmitis)
E11377 (CTCAE)
C0014236 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Enterocolitis (Enterocolitis)
E10627 (CTCAE)
C0014356 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Enterocolitis Infectious (Enterocolitis infectious)
E11381 (CTCAE)
C1142115 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Enterovesical Fistula (Enterovesical fistula)
E10633 (CTCAE)
C0156272 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Epistaxis (Epistaxis)
E13374 (CTCAE)
C0014591 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Erectile Dysfunction (Erectile dysfunction)
E13088 (CTCAE)
C0242350 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Erythema Multiforme (Erythema multiforme)
E13627 (CTCAE)
C0014742 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Erythroderma (Erythroderma)
E13633 (CTCAE)
C0598398 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Esophageal Anastomotic Leak (Esophageal anastomotic leak)
E11681 (CTCAE)
C0341563 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Esophageal Fistula (Esophageal fistula)
E10639 (CTCAE)
C0014856 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Esophageal Hemorrhage (Esophageal hemorrhage)
E10645 (CTCAE)
C0239293 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Esophageal Infection (Esophageal infection)
E11386 (CTCAE)
C0851979 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Esophageal Necrosis (Esophageal necrosis)
E10651 (CTCAE)
C1697884 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Esophageal Obstruction (Esophageal obstruction)
E10655 (CTCAE)
C0239296 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Esophageal Pain (Esophageal pain)
E10661 (CTCAE)
C0221727 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Esophageal Perforation (Esophageal perforation)
E10665 (CTCAE)
C0014860 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Esophageal Stenosis (Esophageal stenosis)
E10670 (CTCAE)
C0014866 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Esophageal Ulcer (Esophageal ulcer)
E10676 (CTCAE)
C0151970 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Esophageal Varices Hemorrhage (Esophageal varices hemorrhage)
E10682 (CTCAE)
C1963075 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Esophagitis (Esophagitis)
E10687 (CTCAE)
C0014868 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Euphoria (Euphoria)
E12915 (CTCAE)
C1963107 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Exostosis (Exostosis)
E12404 (CTCAE)
C1442903 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
External Ear Inflammation (External ear inflammation)
E10266 (CTCAE)
C0029878 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
External Ear Pain (External ear pain)
E10272 (CTCAE)
C0239223 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Extraocular Muscle Paresis (Extraocular muscle paresis)
E10367 (CTCAE)
C0262918 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Extrapyramidal Disorder (Extrapyramidal disorder)
E12658 (CTCAE)
C0015371 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Eye Disorders - Other, Specify (Eye disorders - Other, Specify)
E10371 (CTCAE)
C0015397 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Eye Infection (Eye infection)
E11391 (CTCAE)
C0015403 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Eye Pain (Eye pain)
E10376 (CTCAE)
C1959630 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Eyelid Function Disorder (Eyelid function disorder)
E10380 (CTCAE)
C0854286 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Facial Muscle Weakness (Facial muscle weakness)
E12664 (CTCAE)
C2674994 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Facial Nerve Disorder (Facial nerve disorder)
E12668 (CTCAE)
C0270876 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Facial Pain (Facial pain)
E11094 (CTCAE)
C0015468 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Fall (Fall)
E11687 (CTCAE)
C0085639 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Fallopian Tube Anastomotic Leak (Fallopian tube anastomotic leak)
E11691 (CTCAE)
C1698039 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Fallopian Tube Obstruction (Fallopian tube obstruction)
E13092 (CTCAE)
C0041274 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Fallopian Tube Perforation (Fallopian tube perforation)
E11697 (CTCAE)
C1557983 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Fallopian Tube Stenosis (Fallopian tube stenosis)
E13096 (CTCAE)
C0459524 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Fat Atrophy (Fat atrophy)
E13638 (CTCAE)
C0333650 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Fatigue (Fatigue)
E11098 (CTCAE)
C0015672 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Febrile Neutropenia (Febrile neutropenia)
E10033 (CTCAE)
C0746883 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Fecal Incontinence (Fecal incontinence)
E10693 (CTCAE)
C2584328 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Female Genital Tract Fistula (Female genital tract fistula)
E13102 (CTCAE)
C1962955 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Feminization Acquired (Feminization acquired)
E13108 (CTCAE)
C0877195 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Fetal Death (Fetal death)
E12855 (CTCAE)
C0015927 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Fetal Growth Retardation (Fetal growth retardation)
E12857 (CTCAE)
C3472697 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Fever (Fever)
E11102 (CTCAE)
C0015967 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Fibrinogen Decreased (Fibrinogen decreased)
E12151 (CTCAE)
C1295715 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Fibrosis Deep Connective Tissue (Fibrosis deep connective tissue)
E12408 (CTCAE)
C1560030 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Flank Pain (Flank pain)
E12414 (CTCAE)
C0016199 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Flashing Lights (Flashing lights)
E10384 (CTCAE)
C1764741 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Flatulence (Flatulence)
E10697 (CTCAE)
C0016204 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Floaters (Floaters)
E10388 (CTCAE)
C0016242 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Flu Like Symptoms (Flu like symptoms)
E11108 (CTCAE)
C0948873 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Flushing (Flushing)
E13771 (CTCAE)
C0016382 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Forced Expiratory Volume Decreased (Forced expiratory volume decreased)
E12156 (CTCAE)
C0520837 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Fracture (Fracture)
E11703 (CTCAE)
C0016658 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Gait Disturbance (Gait disturbance)
E11112 (CTCAE)
C1856566 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Gallbladder Fistula (Gallbladder fistula)
E11189 (CTCAE)
C0156216 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Gallbladder Infection (Gallbladder infection)
E11396 (CTCAE)
C0744254 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Gallbladder Necrosis (Gallbladder necrosis)
E11195 (CTCAE)
C1963114 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Gallbladder Obstruction (Gallbladder obstruction)
E11198 (CTCAE)
C0156214 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Gallbladder Pain (Gallbladder pain)
E11204 (CTCAE)
C1963072 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Gallbladder Perforation (Gallbladder perforation)
E11208 (CTCAE)
C0156215 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Gastric Anastomotic Leak (Gastric anastomotic leak)
E11709 (CTCAE)
C0341564 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Gastric Fistula (Gastric fistula)
E10700 (CTCAE)
C0017128 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Gastric Hemorrhage (Gastric hemorrhage)
E10706 (CTCAE)
C0235325 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Gastric Necrosis (Gastric necrosis)
E10712 (CTCAE)
C0341221 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Gastric Perforation (Gastric perforation)
E10716 (CTCAE)
C0235884 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Gastric Stenosis (Gastric stenosis)
E10721 (CTCAE)
C0585012 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Gastric Ulcer (Gastric ulcer)
E10727 (CTCAE)
C0038358 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Gastritis (Gastritis)
E10733 (CTCAE)
C0017152 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (Gastroesophageal reflux disease)
E10739 (CTCAE)
C0017168 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Gastrointestinal Anastomotic Leak (Gastrointestinal anastomotic leak)
E11715 (CTCAE)
C0341562 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Gastrointestinal Disorders - Other, Specify (Gastrointestinal disorders - Other, Specify)
E10743 (CTCAE)
C0810319 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Gastrointestinal Fistula (Gastrointestinal fistula)
E10749 (CTCAE)
C0079238 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Gastrointestinal Pain (Gastrointestinal pain)
E10755 (CTCAE)
C0687713 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Gastrointestinal Stoma Necrosis (Gastrointestinal stoma necrosis)
E11721 (CTCAE)
C1698678 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Gastroparesis (Gastroparesis)
E10759 (CTCAE)
C0152020 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
General Disorders And Administration Site Conditions - Other, Specify (General disorders and administration site conditions - Other, Specify)
E11116 (CTCAE)
C0851362 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Generalized Muscle Weakness (Generalized muscle weakness)
E12418 (CTCAE)
C0746674 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Genital Edema (Genital edema)
E13111 (CTCAE)
C0151604 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
GGT Increased (GGT increased)
E12161 (CTCAE)
C2677004 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Gingival Pain (Gingival pain)
E10763 (CTCAE)
C0239739 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Glaucoma (Glaucoma)
E10392 (CTCAE)
C0017601 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Glossopharyngeal Nerve Disorder (Glossopharyngeal nerve disorder)
E12672 (CTCAE)
C0751941 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Glucose Intolerance (Glucose intolerance)
E12264 (CTCAE)
C0271650 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Growth Accelerated (Growth accelerated)
E10317 (CTCAE)
C0151685 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Growth Hormone Abnormal (Growth hormone abnormal)
E12166 (CTCAE)
C0860787 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Growth Suppression (Growth suppression)
E12422 (CTCAE)
C0151686 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Gum Infection (Gum infection)
E11400 (CTCAE)
C0744403 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Gynecomastia (Gynecomastia)
E13115 (CTCAE)
C0018418 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hallucinations (Hallucinations)
E12919 (CTCAE)
C0018524 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Haptoglobin Decreased (Haptoglobin decreased)
E12169 (CTCAE)
C0236062 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Head Soft Tissue Necrosis (Head soft tissue necrosis)
E12426 (CTCAE)
C1561246 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Headache (Headache)
E12678 (CTCAE)
C0018681 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hearing Impaired (Hearing impaired)
E10276 (CTCAE)
C1384666 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Heart Failure (Heart failure)
E10124 (CTCAE)
C0018801 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hematoma (Hematoma)
E13775 (CTCAE)
C0018944 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hematosalpinx (Hematosalpinx)
E13119 (CTCAE)
C0018962 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hematuria (Hematuria)
E13000 (CTCAE)
C0018965 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hemoglobin Increased (Hemoglobin increased)
E12171 (CTCAE)
C0549448 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hemoglobinuria (Hemoglobinuria)
E13006 (CTCAE)
C1963124 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hemolysis (Hemolysis)
E10037 (CTCAE)
C0019054 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (Hemolytic uremic syndrome)
E10043 (CTCAE)
C0019061 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hemorrhoidal Hemorrhage (Hemorrhoidal hemorrhage)
E10767 (CTCAE)
C0265031 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hemorrhoids (Hemorrhoids)
E10773 (CTCAE)
C0019112 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hepatic Failure (Hepatic failure)
E11211 (CTCAE)
C0085605 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hepatic Hemorrhage (Hepatic hemorrhage)
E11215 (CTCAE)
C0235912 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hepatic Infection (Hepatic infection)
E11406 (CTCAE)
C1112211 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hepatic Necrosis (Hepatic necrosis)
E11221 (CTCAE)
C0151798 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hepatic Pain (Hepatic pain)
E11224 (CTCAE)
C0522067 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hepatitis Viral (Hepatitis viral)
E11410 (CTCAE)
C0042721 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hepatobiliary Disorders - Other, Specify (Hepatobiliary disorders - Other, Specify)
E11228 (CTCAE)
C0267792 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hiccups (Hiccups)
E13380 (CTCAE)
C0019521 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hip Fracture (Hip fracture)
E11726 (CTCAE)
C0019557 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hirsutism (Hirsutism)
E13642 (CTCAE)
C0019572 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hoarseness (Hoarseness)
E13384 (CTCAE)
C0019825 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hot Flashes (Hot flashes)
E13781 (CTCAE)
C0600142 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hydrocephalus (Hydrocephalus)
E12682 (CTCAE)
C0020255 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hypercalcemia (Hypercalcemia)
E12270 (CTCAE)
C0020437 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hyperglycemia (Hyperglycemia)
E12276 (CTCAE)
C0020456 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hyperhidrosis (Hyperhidrosis)
E13645 (CTCAE)
C0020458 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hyperkalemia (Hyperkalemia)
E12282 (CTCAE)
C0020461 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hypermagnesemia (Hypermagnesemia)
E12288 (CTCAE)
C0151714 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hypernatremia (Hypernatremia)
E12293 (CTCAE)
C0020488 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hyperparathyroidism (Hyperparathyroidism)
E10319 (CTCAE)
C0020502 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hypersomnia (Hypersomnia)
E12688 (CTCAE)
C0917799 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hypertension (Hypertension)
E13785 (CTCAE)
C0020538 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hyperthyroidism (Hyperthyroidism)
E10322 (CTCAE)
C0020550 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hypertrichosis (Hypertrichosis)
E13649 (CTCAE)
C0020555 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hypertriglyceridemia (Hypertriglyceridemia)
E12299 (CTCAE)
C0020557 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hyperuricemia (Hyperuricemia)
E12305 (CTCAE)
C0268105 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hypoalbuminemia (Hypoalbuminemia)
E12310 (CTCAE)
C1142113 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hypocalcemia (Hypocalcemia)
E12316 (CTCAE)
C0020598 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hypoglossal Nerve Disorder (Hypoglossal nerve disorder)
E12692 (CTCAE)
C0152181 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hypoglycemia (Hypoglycemia)
E12322 (CTCAE)
C0020615 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hypohidrosis (Hypohidrosis)
E13652 (CTCAE)
C0020620 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hypokalemia (Hypokalemia)
E12327 (CTCAE)
C0020621 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hypomagnesemia (Hypomagnesemia)
E12333 (CTCAE)
C0151723 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hyponatremia (Hyponatremia)
E12339 (CTCAE)
C0857122 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hypoparathyroidism (Hypoparathyroidism)
E10328 (CTCAE)
C0020626 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hypophosphatemia (Hypophosphatemia)
E12344 (CTCAE)
C0085682 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hypotension (Hypotension)
E13791 (CTCAE)
C0020649 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hypothermia (Hypothermia)
E11122 (CTCAE)
C1963170 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hypothyroidism (Hypothyroidism)
E10334 (CTCAE)
C0020676 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Hypoxia (Hypoxia)
E13388 (CTCAE)
C0242184 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Ileal Fistula (Ileal fistula)
E10777 (CTCAE)
C1699655 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Ileal Hemorrhage (Ileal hemorrhage)
E10783 (CTCAE)
C0521597 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Ileal Obstruction (Ileal obstruction)
E10789 (CTCAE)
C1699648 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Ileal Perforation (Ileal perforation)
E10795 (CTCAE)
C0559938 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Ileal Stenosis (Ileal stenosis)
E10800 (CTCAE)
C0400847 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Ileal Ulcer (Ileal ulcer)
E10806 (CTCAE)
C0520564 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Ileus (Ileus)
E10812 (CTCAE)
C1258215 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Immune System Disorders - Other, Specify (Immune system disorders - Other, Specify)
E11270 (CTCAE)
C1334156 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Infections And Infestations - Other, Specify (Infections and infestations - Other, Specify)
E11415 (CTCAE)
C0851565 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Infective Myositis (Infective myositis)
E11421 (CTCAE)
C0158353 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Infusion Related Reaction (Infusion related reaction)
E11127 (CTCAE)
C0948715 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Infusion Site Extravasation (Infusion site extravasation)
E11133 (CTCAE)
C1608954 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Injection Site Reaction (Injection site reaction)
E11138 (CTCAE)
C0151735 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Injury To Carotid Artery (Injury to carotid artery)
E11730 (CTCAE)
C0160680 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Injury To Inferior Vena Cava (Injury to inferior vena cava)
E11734 (CTCAE)
C0160705 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Injury To Jugular Vein (Injury to jugular vein)
E11737 (CTCAE)
C0347703 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Injury To Superior Vena Cava (Injury to superior vena cava)
E11741 (CTCAE)
C0160692 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Injury, Poisoning And Procedural Complications - Other, Specify (Injury, poisoning and procedural complications - Other, Specify)
E11747 (CTCAE)
C0947733 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
INR Increased (INR increased)
E12175 (CTCAE)
C0853225 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Insomnia (Insomnia)
E12925 (CTCAE)
C0917801 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Intestinal Stoma Leak (Intestinal stoma leak)
E11753 (CTCAE)
C1142488 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Intestinal Stoma Obstruction (Intestinal stoma obstruction)
E11759 (CTCAE)
C1142487 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Intestinal Stoma Site Bleeding (Intestinal stoma site bleeding)
E11764 (CTCAE)
C0877223 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Intra-abdominal Hemorrhage (Intra-abdominal hemorrhage)
E10817 (CTCAE)
C0236178 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Intracranial Hemorrhage (Intracranial hemorrhage)
E12696 (CTCAE)
C0151699 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Intraoperative Arterial Injury (Intraoperative arterial injury)
E11770 (CTCAE)
C1698098 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Intraoperative Breast Injury (Intraoperative breast injury)
E11776 (CTCAE)
C1558321 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Intraoperative Cardiac Injury (Intraoperative cardiac injury)
E11782 (CTCAE)
C1699742 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Intraoperative Ear Injury (Intraoperative ear injury)
E11786 (CTCAE)
C1699211 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Intraoperative Endocrine Injury (Intraoperative endocrine injury)
E11792 (CTCAE)
C1699738 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Intraoperative Gastrointestinal Injury (Intraoperative gastrointestinal injury)
E11798 (CTCAE)
C1698097 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Intraoperative Head And Neck Injury (Intraoperative head and neck injury)
E11804 (CTCAE)
C1699741 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Intraoperative Hemorrhage (Intraoperative hemorrhage)
E11810 (CTCAE)
C0079027 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Intraoperative hepatttttobiliary injury (Intraoperative hepatobiliary injury)
E11814 (CTCAE)
C1699208 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Intraoperative Musculoskeletal Injury (Intraoperative musculoskeletal injury)
E11820 (CTCAE)
C1699209 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Intraoperative Neurological Injury (Intraoperative neurological injury)
E11826 (CTCAE)
C1699210 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Intraoperative Ocular Injury (Intraoperative ocular injury)
E11832 (CTCAE)
C1699740 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Intraoperative Renal Injury (Intraoperative renal injury)
E11838 (CTCAE)
C1699743 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Intraoperative Reproductive Tract Injury (Intraoperative reproductive tract injury)
E11844 (CTCAE)
C1699739 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Intraoperative Respiratory Injury (Intraoperative respiratory injury)
E11850 (CTCAE)
C1699737 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Intraoperative Skin Injury (Intraoperative skin injury)
E11856 (CTCAE)
C1558746 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Intraoperative Splenic Injury (Intraoperative splenic injury)
E11862 (CTCAE)
C1698099 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Intraoperative Urinary Injury (Intraoperative urinary injury)
E11867 (CTCAE)
C1698677 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Intraoperative Venous Injury (Intraoperative venous injury)
E11873 (CTCAE)
C1698100 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Investigations - Other, Specify (Investigations - Other, Specify)
E12179 (CTCAE)
C0841577 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Iron Overload (Iron overload)
E12350 (CTCAE)
C0282193 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Irregular Menstruation (Irregular menstruation)
E13125 (CTCAE)
C0156404 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Irritability (Irritability)
E11144 (CTCAE)
C0022107 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Ischemia Cerebrovascular (Ischemia cerebrovascular)
E12702 (CTCAE)
C1561291 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
IVth Nerve Disorder (IVth nerve disorder)
E12705 (CTCAE)
C0271375 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Jejunal Fistula (Jejunal fistula)
E10822 (CTCAE)
C0582253 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Jejunal Hemorrhage (Jejunal hemorrhage)
E10828 (CTCAE)
C0521596 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Jejunal Obstruction (Jejunal obstruction)
E10834 (CTCAE)
C1879351 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Jejunal Perforation (Jejunal perforation)
E10840 (CTCAE)
C0542147 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Jejunal Stenosis (Jejunal stenosis)
E10845 (CTCAE)
C0151923 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Jejunal Ulcer (Jejunal ulcer)
E10851 (CTCAE)
C0267489 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Joint Effusion (Joint effusion)
E12431 (CTCAE)
C1963136 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Joint Infection (Joint infection)
E11426 (CTCAE)
C0157749 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Joint Range Of Motion Decreased (Joint range of motion decreased)
E12435 (CTCAE)
C0877027 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Joint Range Of Motion Decreased Cervical Spine (Joint range of motion decreased cervical spine)
E12439 (CTCAE)
C1698040 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Joint Range Of Motion Decreased Lumbar Spine (Joint range of motion decreased lumbar spine)
E12443 (CTCAE)
C1699182 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Keratitis (Keratitis)
E10397 (CTCAE)
C0022568 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Kidney Anastomotic Leak (Kidney anastomotic leak)
E11879 (CTCAE)
C1699736 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Kidney Infection (Kidney infection)
E11431 (CTCAE)
C0021313 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Kyphosis (Kyphosis)
E12447 (CTCAE)
C0022821 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Lactation Disorder (Lactation disorder)
E13129 (CTCAE)
C0022927 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Large Intestinal Anastomotic Leak (Large intestinal anastomotic leak)
E11885 (CTCAE)
C0341569 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Laryngeal Edema (Laryngeal edema)
E13393 (CTCAE)
C0023052 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Laryngeal Fistula (Laryngeal fistula)
E13399 (CTCAE)
C1699588 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Laryngeal Hemorrhage (Laryngeal hemorrhage)
E13405 (CTCAE)
C1697747 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Laryngeal Inflammation (Laryngeal inflammation)
E13411 (CTCAE)
C0023067 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Laryngeal Mucositis (Laryngeal mucositis)
E13415 (CTCAE)
C1698768 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Laryngeal Obstruction (Laryngeal obstruction)
E13421 (CTCAE)
C0264306 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Laryngeal Stenosis (Laryngeal stenosis)
E13427 (CTCAE)
C0023075 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Laryngitis (Laryngitis)
E11435 (CTCAE)
C0023067 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Laryngopharyngeal Dysesthesia (Laryngopharyngeal dysesthesia)
E13433 (CTCAE)
C1328466 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Laryngospasm (Laryngospasm)
E13439 (CTCAE)
C0023066 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction (Left ventricular systolic dysfunction)
E10130 (CTCAE)
C1277187 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Lethargy (Lethargy)
E12709 (CTCAE)
C0023380 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Leukemia Secondary To Oncology Chemotherapy (Leukemia secondary to oncology chemotherapy)
E12549 (CTCAE)
C0863127 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Leukocytosis (Leukocytosis)
E10048 (CTCAE)
C0023518 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Leukoencephalopathy (Leukoencephalopathy)
E12712 (CTCAE)
C0270612 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Libido Decreased (Libido decreased)
E12929 (CTCAE)
C0011124 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Libido Increased (Libido increased)
E12932 (CTCAE)
C0021177 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Lip Infection (Lip infection)
E11440 (CTCAE)
C1698666 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Lip Pain (Lip pain)
E10857 (CTCAE)
C1963082 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Lipase Increased (Lipase increased)
E12185 (CTCAE)
C0549475 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Lipohypertrophy (Lipohypertrophy)
E13657 (CTCAE)
C1262113 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Localized Edema (Localized edema)
E11148 (CTCAE)
C0013609 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Lordosis (Lordosis)
E12451 (CTCAE)
C0024003 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Lower Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage (Lower gastrointestinal hemorrhage)
E10861 (CTCAE)
C0024050 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Lung Infection (Lung infection)
E11444 (CTCAE)
C0876973 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Lymph Gland Infection (Lymph gland infection)
E11449 (CTCAE)
C0024205 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Lymph Leakage (Lymph leakage)
E13797 (CTCAE)
C0398372 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Lymph Node Pain (Lymph node pain)
E10052 (CTCAE)
C0578050 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Lymphedema (Lymphedema)
E13802 (CTCAE)
C0024236 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Lymphocele (Lymphocele)
E13806 (CTCAE)
C0024248 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Lymphocyte Count Decreased (Lymphocyte count decreased)
E12190 (CTCAE)
C0853986 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Lymphocyte Count Increased (Lymphocyte count increased)
E12195 (CTCAE)
C0853698 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Malabsorption (Malabsorption)
E10867 (CTCAE)
C3280502 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Malaise (Malaise)
E11152 (CTCAE)
C0231218 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Mania (Mania)
E12936 (CTCAE)
C0024713 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Mediastinal Hemorrhage (Mediastinal hemorrhage)
E13444 (CTCAE)
C1112480 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Mediastinal Infection (Mediastinal infection)
E11454 (CTCAE)
C0729554 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Memory Impairment (Memory impairment)
E12718 (CTCAE)
C0233794 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Meningismus (Meningismus)
E12722 (CTCAE)
C0025287 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Meningitis (Meningitis)
E11458 (CTCAE)
C0025289 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Menopause (Menopause)
E13750 (CTCAE)
C0025320 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Menorrhagia (Menorrhagia)
E13132 (CTCAE)
C0025323 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Metabolism And Nutrition Disorders - Other, Specify (Metabolism and nutrition disorders - Other, Specify)
E12355 (CTCAE)
C0851358 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Middle Ear Inflammation (Middle ear inflammation)
E10281 (CTCAE)
C0029882 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Mitral Valve Disease (Mitral valve disease)
E10134 (CTCAE)
C0026265 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Mobitz (type) II Atrioventricular Block (Mobitz (type) II atrioventricular block)
E10140 (CTCAE)
C0155700 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Mobitz Type I (Mobitz type I)
E10146 (CTCAE)
C0264907 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Movements Involuntary (Movements involuntary)
E12728 (CTCAE)
C0427086 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Mucosal Infection (Mucosal infection)
E11462 (CTCAE)
C1698484 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Mucositis Oral (Mucositis oral)
E10872 (CTCAE)
C1568868 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Multi-organ Failure (Multi-organ failure)
E11155 (CTCAE)
C0026766 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Muscle Weakness Left-sided (Muscle weakness left-sided)
E12455 (CTCAE)
C1698038 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Muscle Weakness Lower Limb (Muscle weakness lower limb)
E12459 (CTCAE)
C1836296 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Muscle Weakness Right-sided (Muscle weakness right-sided)
E12463 (CTCAE)
C1699181 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Muscle Weakness Trunk (Muscle weakness trunk)
E12467 (CTCAE)
C0241492 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Muscle Weakness Upper Limb (Muscle weakness upper limb)
E12471 (CTCAE)
C1698196 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Musculoskeletal And Connective Tissue Disorder - Other, Specify (Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders - Other, Specify)
E12475 (CTCAE)
C0477705 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Musculoskeletal Deformity (Musculoskeletal deformity)
E12481 (CTCAE)
C0281914 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Myalgia (Myalgia)
E12485 (CTCAE)
C0231528 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Myelitis (Myelitis)
E12732 (CTCAE)
C0026975 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Myelodysplastic Syndrome (Myelodysplastic syndrome)
E12552 (CTCAE)
C3463824 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Myocardial Infarction (Myocardial infarction)
E10152 (CTCAE)
C0027051 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Myocarditis (Myocarditis)
E10157 (CTCAE)
C0027059 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Myositis (Myositis)
E12489 (CTCAE)
C0027121 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Nail Discoloration (Nail discoloration)
E13661 (CTCAE)
C0221345 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Nail Infection (Nail infection)
E11468 (CTCAE)
C0343026 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Nail Loss (Nail loss)
E13663 (CTCAE)
C0263540 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Nail Ridging (Nail ridging)
E13666 (CTCAE)
C0423820 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Nasal Congestion (Nasal congestion)
E13450 (CTCAE)
C0027424 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Nausea (Nausea)
E10878 (CTCAE)
C0027497 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Neck Edema (Neck edema)
E11159 (CTCAE)
C0240464 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Neck Pain (Neck pain)
E12493 (CTCAE)
C0007859 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Neck Soft Tissue Necrosis (Neck soft tissue necrosis)
E12497 (CTCAE)
C1561251 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Neoplasms Benign, Malignant And Unspecified (incl Cysts And Polyps) - Other, Specify (Neoplasms benign, malignant and unspecified (incl cysts and polyps) - Other, Specify)
E12555 (CTCAE)
C0027651 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Nervous System Disorders - Other, Specify (Nervous system disorders - Other, Specify)
E12738 (CTCAE)
C0810273 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Neuralgia (Neuralgia)
E12744 (CTCAE)
C0027796 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Neutrophil Count Decreased (Neutrophil count decreased)
E12198 (CTCAE)
C0853697 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Night Blindness (Night blindness)
E10401 (CTCAE)
C0028077 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Nipple Deformity (Nipple deformity)
E13138 (CTCAE)
C0342102 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Non-cardiac Chest Pain (Non-cardiac chest pain)
E11163 (CTCAE)
C0476281 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Nystagmus (Nystagmus)
E12748 (CTCAE)
C0028738 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Obesity (Obesity)
E12361 (CTCAE)
C0028754 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Obstruction Gastric (Obstruction gastric)
E10882 (CTCAE)
C0149700 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Oculomotor Nerve Disorder (Oculomotor nerve disorder)
E12751 (CTCAE)
C0271353 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Olfactory Nerve Disorder (Olfactory nerve disorder)
E12755 (CTCAE)
C0751937 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Oligospermia (Oligospermia)
E13141 (CTCAE)
C0028960 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Optic Nerve Disorder (Optic nerve disorder)
E10406 (CTCAE)
C0029132 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Oral Cavity Fistula (Oral cavity fistula)
E10888 (CTCAE)
C1696083 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Oral Dysesthesia (Oral dysesthesia)
E10894 (CTCAE)
C0006430 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Oral Hemorrhage (Oral hemorrhage)
E10898 (CTCAE)
C0029163 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Oral Pain (Oral pain)
E10904 (CTCAE)
C0221776 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Osteonecrosis Of Jaw (Osteonecrosis of jaw)
E12502 (CTCAE)
C2711248 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Osteoporosis (Osteoporosis)
E12508 (CTCAE)
C0029456 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Otitis Externa (Otitis externa)
E11472 (CTCAE)
C0029878 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Otitis Media (Otitis media)
E11477 (CTCAE)
C0029882 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Ovarian Hemorrhage (Ovarian hemorrhage)
E13145 (CTCAE)
C1696704 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Ovarian Infection (Ovarian infection)
E11482 (CTCAE)
C0349735 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Ovarian Rupture (Ovarian rupture)
E13151 (CTCAE)
C1160269 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Ovulation Pain (Ovulation pain)
E13157 (CTCAE)
C0152149 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pain (Pain)
E11167 (CTCAE)
C0030193 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pain In Extremity (Pain in extremity)
E12512 (CTCAE)
C1822230 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pain Of Skin (Pain of skin)
E13668 (CTCAE)
C0241136 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Palmar-plantar Erythrodysesthesia Syndrome (Palmar-plantar erythrodysesthesia syndrome)
E13672 (CTCAE)
C0549410 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Palpitations (Palpitations)
E10163 (CTCAE)
C0030252 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pancreas Infection (Pancreas infection)
E11487 (CTCAE)
C0948160 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pancreatic Anastomotic Leak (Pancreatic anastomotic leak)
E11891 (CTCAE)
C0341498 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pancreatic Duct Stenosis (Pancreatic duct stenosis)
E10908 (CTCAE)
C0940747 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pancreatic Enzymes Decreased (Pancreatic enzymes decreased)
E12203 (CTCAE)
C0549370 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pancreatic Fistula (Pancreatic fistula)
E10914 (CTCAE)
C0030290 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pancreatic Hemorrhage (Pancreatic hemorrhage)
E10920 (CTCAE)
C0521613 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pancreatic Necrosis (Pancreatic necrosis)
E10926 (CTCAE)
C0267953 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pancreatitis (Pancreatitis)
E10930 (CTCAE)
C0030305 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Papilledema (Papilledema)
E10411 (CTCAE)
C0030353 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Papulopustular Rash (Papulopustular rash)
E11491 (CTCAE)
C2609319 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Paresthesia (Paresthesia)
E12758 (CTCAE)
C0030554 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Paronychia (Paronychia)
E11497 (CTCAE)
C1075202 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Paroxysmal Atrial Tachycardia (Paroxysmal atrial tachycardia)
E10166 (CTCAE)
C0030587 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pelvic Floor Muscle Weakness (Pelvic floor muscle weakness)
E13161 (CTCAE)
C1535916 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pelvic Infection (Pelvic infection)
E11501 (CTCAE)
C0030790 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pelvic Pain (Pelvic pain)
E13167 (CTCAE)
C0030794 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pelvic Soft Tissue Necrosis (Pelvic soft tissue necrosis)
E12516 (CTCAE)
C1561256 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Penile Infection (Penile infection)
E11506 (CTCAE)
C0581395 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Penile Pain (Penile pain)
E13171 (CTCAE)
C0497481 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Perforation Bile Duct (Perforation bile duct)
E11234 (CTCAE)
C0156218 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pericardial Effusion (Pericardial effusion)
E10172 (CTCAE)
C0031039 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pericardial Tamponade (Pericardial tamponade)
E10177 (CTCAE)
C0007177 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pericarditis (Pericarditis)
E10180 (CTCAE)
C0031046 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Perineal Pain (Perineal pain)
E13175 (CTCAE)
C0240717 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Periodontal Disease (Periodontal disease)
E10935 (CTCAE)
C0031090 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Periorbital Edema (Periorbital edema)
E13676 (CTCAE)
C0151205 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Periorbital Infection (Periorbital infection)
E11511 (CTCAE)
C0948065 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Peripheral Ischemia (Peripheral ischemia)
E13810 (CTCAE)
C0235490 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Peripheral Motor Neuropathy (Peripheral motor neuropathy)
E12762 (CTCAE)
C0235025 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Peripheral Nerve Infection (Peripheral nerve infection)
E11516 (CTCAE)
C1278821 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Peripheral Sensory Neuropathy (Peripheral sensory neuropathy)
E12768 (CTCAE)
C1970883 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Peritoneal Infection (Peritoneal infection)
E11521 (CTCAE)
C0851980 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Peritoneal Necrosis (Peritoneal necrosis)
E10939 (CTCAE)
C1696082 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Personality Change (Personality change)
E12942 (CTCAE)
C0240735 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Phantom Pain (Phantom pain)
E12774 (CTCAE)
C3495442 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pharyngeal Anastomotic Leak (Pharyngeal anastomotic leak)
E11897 (CTCAE)
C1696702 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pharyngeal Fistula (Pharyngeal fistula)
E13454 (CTCAE)
C1536454 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pharyngeal Hemorrhage (Pharyngeal hemorrhage)
E13460 (CTCAE)
C0576995 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pharyngeal Mucositis (Pharyngeal mucositis)
E13466 (CTCAE)
C1699324 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pharyngeal Necrosis (Pharyngeal necrosis)
E13472 (CTCAE)
C1963650 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pharyngeal Stenosis (Pharyngeal stenosis)
E13476 (CTCAE)
C0396006 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pharyngitis (Pharyngitis)
E11525 (CTCAE)
C0031350 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pharyngolaryngeal Pain (Pharyngolaryngeal pain)
E13482 (CTCAE)
C0858635 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Phlebitis (Phlebitis)
E13815 (CTCAE)
C0031542 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Phlebitis Infective (Phlebitis infective)
E11530 (CTCAE)
C1112243 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Photophobia (Photophobia)
E10416 (CTCAE)
C0085636 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Photosensitivity (Photosensitivity)
E13680 (CTCAE)
C0031762 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Platelet Count Decreased (Platelet count decreased)
E12207 (CTCAE)
C0392386 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pleural Effusion (Pleural effusion)
E13486 (CTCAE)
C0032227 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pleural Hemorrhage (Pleural hemorrhage)
E13492 (CTCAE)
C0585110 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pleural Infection (Pleural infection)
E11535 (CTCAE)
C0919907 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pleuritic Pain (Pleuritic pain)
E13498 (CTCAE)
C0008033 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pneumonitis (Pneumonitis)
E13502 (CTCAE)
C0032285 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pneumothorax (Pneumothorax)
E13508 (CTCAE)
C0032326 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Portal Hypertension (Portal hypertension)
E11238 (CTCAE)
C0020541 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Portal Vein Thrombosis (Portal vein thrombosis)
E11243 (CTCAE)
C0155773 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Postnasal Drip (Postnasal drip)
E13514 (CTCAE)
C0032781 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Postoperative Hemorrhage (Postoperative hemorrhage)
E11903 (CTCAE)
C0032788 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Postoperative Thoracic Procedure Complication (Postoperative thoracic procedure complication)
E11909 (CTCAE)
C1112276 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Precocious Puberty (Precocious puberty)
E10340 (CTCAE)
C0034013 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pregnancy, Puerperium And Perinatal Conditions - Other, Specify (Pregnancy, puerperium and perinatal conditions - Other, Specify)
E12861 (CTCAE)
C0851363 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Premature Delivery (Premature delivery)
E12867 (CTCAE)
C1836714 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Premature Menopause (Premature menopause)
E13179 (CTCAE)
C0025322 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Presyncope (Presyncope)
E12778 (CTCAE)
C0700200 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Proctitis (Proctitis)
E10943 (CTCAE)
C0033246 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Productive Cough (Productive cough)
E13517 (CTCAE)
C0239134 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Prolapse Of Intestinal Stoma (Prolapse of intestinal stoma)
E11914 (CTCAE)
C1699141 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Prolapse Of Urostomy (Prolapse of urostomy)
E11920 (CTCAE)
C1698096 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Prostate Infection (Prostate infection)
E11540 (CTCAE)
C0240811 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Prostatic Hemorrhage (Prostatic hemorrhage)
E13181 (CTCAE)
C0268891 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Prostatic Obstruction (Prostatic obstruction)
E13187 (CTCAE)
C0268889 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Prostatic Pain (Prostatic pain)
E13191 (CTCAE)
C0240812 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Proteinuria (Proteinuria)
E13008 (CTCAE)
C1962972 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pruritus (Pruritus)
E13686 (CTCAE)
C0033774 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Psychiatric Disorders - Other, Specify (Psychiatric disorders - Other, Specify)
E12948 (CTCAE)
C2015805 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Psychosis (Psychosis)
E12954 (CTCAE)
C0033975 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pulmonary Edema (Pulmonary edema)
E13521 (CTCAE)
C0034063 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pulmonary Fibrosis (Pulmonary fibrosis)
E13527 (CTCAE)
C0034069 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pulmonary Fistula (Pulmonary fistula)
E13533 (CTCAE)
C1397452 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pulmonary Hypertension (Pulmonary hypertension)
E13539 (CTCAE)
C0020542 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pulmonary Valve Disease (Pulmonary valve disease)
E10186 (CTCAE)
C0034087 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Purpura (Purpura)
E13690 (CTCAE)
C0034150 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Pyramidal Tract Syndrome (Pyramidal tract syndrome)
E12780 (CTCAE)
C1504405 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Radiation Recall Reaction (dermatologic) (Radiation recall reaction (dermatologic))
E11926 (CTCAE)
C1720798 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Radiculitis (Radiculitis)
E12786 (CTCAE)
C0034544 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Rash Acneiform (Rash acneiform)
E13694 (CTCAE)
C1559148 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Rash Maculo-papular (Rash maculo-papular)
E13700 (CTCAE)
C0423791 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Rash Pustular (Rash pustular)
E11545 (CTCAE)
C0085641 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Rectal Anastomotic Leak (Rectal anastomotic leak)
E11932 (CTCAE)
C1698511 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Rectal Fistula (Rectal fistula)
E10949 (CTCAE)
C0034884 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Rectal Hemorrhage (Rectal hemorrhage)
E10955 (CTCAE)
C0267596 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Rectal Mucositis (Rectal mucositis)
E10961 (CTCAE)
C1328588 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Rectal Necrosis (Rectal necrosis)
E10967 (CTCAE)
C1697980 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Rectal Obstruction (Rectal obstruction)
E10971 (CTCAE)
C1697746 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Rectal Pain (Rectal pain)
E10977 (CTCAE)
C0034886 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Rectal Perforation (Rectal perforation)
E10981 (CTCAE)
C0341402 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Rectal Stenosis (Rectal stenosis)
E10986 (CTCAE)
C0267581 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Rectal Ulcer (Rectal ulcer)
E10992 (CTCAE)
C0426729 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Palsy (Recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy)
E12792 (CTCAE)
C0542142 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Renal And Urinary Disorders - Other, Specify (Renal and urinary disorders - Other, Specify)
E13012 (CTCAE)
C0042075 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Renal Calculi (Renal calculi)
E13018 (CTCAE)
C0022650 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Renal Colic (Renal colic)
E13024 (CTCAE)
C0152169 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Renal Hemorrhage (Renal hemorrhage)
E13028 (CTCAE)
C0392175 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Reproductive System And Breast Disorders - Other, Specify (Reproductive system and breast disorders - Other, Specify)
E13195 (CTCAE)
C0851366 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Respiratory Failure (Respiratory failure)
E13545 (CTCAE)
C1145670 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Respiratory, Thoracic And Mediastinal Disorders - Other, Specify (Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders - Other, Specify)
E13548 (CTCAE)
C0851355 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Restlessness (Restlessness)
E12960 (CTCAE)
C0085631 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Restrictive Cardiomyopathy (Restrictive cardiomyopathy)
E10192 (CTCAE)
C0007196 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Retinal Detachment (Retinal detachment)
E10420 (CTCAE)
C1533659 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Retinal Tear (Retinal tear)
E10425 (CTCAE)
C2062402 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Retinal Vascular Disorder (Retinal vascular disorder)
E10429 (CTCAE)
C0154833 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Retinoic Acid Syndrome (Retinoic acid syndrome)
E13554 (CTCAE)
C0860564 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Retinopathy (Retinopathy)
E10432 (CTCAE)
C1962966 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Retroperitoneal Hemorrhage (Retroperitoneal hemorrhage)
E10998 (CTCAE)
C0151705 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Reversible Posterior Leukoencephalopathy Syndrome (Reversible posterior leukoencephalopathy syndrome)
E12798 (CTCAE)
C3160858 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Rhinitis Infective (Rhinitis infective)
E11548 (CTCAE)
C0009443 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Right Ventricular Dysfunction (Right ventricular dysfunction)
E10196 (CTCAE)
C0242707 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Salivary Duct Inflammation (Salivary duct inflammation)
E11003 (CTCAE)
C1112516 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Salivary Gland Fistula (Salivary gland fistula)
E11009 (CTCAE)
C0036094 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Salivary Gland Infection (Salivary gland infection)
E11550 (CTCAE)
C0392318 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Scalp Pain (Scalp pain)
E13704 (CTCAE)
C0240940 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Scleral Disorder (Scleral disorder)
E10437 (CTCAE)
C0036412 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Scoliosis (Scoliosis)
E12521 (CTCAE)
C0036439 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Scrotal Infection (Scrotal infection)
E11555 (CTCAE)
C1299539 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Scrotal Pain (Scrotal pain)
E13201 (CTCAE)
C0236078 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Seizure (Seizure)
E12804 (CTCAE)
C0036572 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Sepsis (Sepsis)
E11560 (CTCAE)
C0003974 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Seroma (Seroma)
E11938 (CTCAE)
C1939014 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Serum Amylase Increased (Serum amylase increased)
E12212 (CTCAE)
C0476327 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Serum Sickness (Serum sickness)
E11276 (CTCAE)
C0036830 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Sick Sinus Syndrome (Sick sinus syndrome)
E10202 (CTCAE)
C0037052 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Sinus Bradycardia (Sinus bradycardia)
E10208 (CTCAE)
C0085610 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Sinus Disorder (Sinus disorder)
E13560 (CTCAE)
C0748720 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Sinus Pain (Sinus pain)
E12810 (CTCAE)
C0877895 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Sinus Tachycardia (Sinus tachycardia)
E10214 (CTCAE)
C0039239 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Sinusitis (Sinusitis)
E11563 (CTCAE)
C0037199 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Skin And Subcutaneous Tissue Disorders - Other, Specify (Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders - Other, Specify)
E13708 (CTCAE)
C0178301 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Skin Atrophy (Skin atrophy)
E13714 (CTCAE)
C1963069 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Skin Hyperpigmentation (Skin hyperpigmentation)
E13718 (CTCAE)
C0162834 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Skin Hypopigmentation (Skin hypopigmentation)
E13721 (CTCAE)
C0162835 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Skin Induration (Skin induration)
E13724 (CTCAE)
C0241075 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Skin Infection (Skin infection)
E11568 (CTCAE)
C0037278 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Skin Ulceration (Skin ulceration)
E13730 (CTCAE)
C0037299 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Sleep Apnea (Sleep apnea)
E13566 (CTCAE)
C0037315 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Small Intestinal Anastomotic Leak (Small intestinal anastomotic leak)
E11942 (CTCAE)
C0341568 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Small Intestinal Mucositis (Small intestinal mucositis)
E11015 (CTCAE)
C1698626 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Small Intestinal Obstruction (Small intestinal obstruction)
E11021 (CTCAE)
C0235329 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Small Intestinal Perforation (Small intestinal perforation)
E11027 (CTCAE)
C0151739 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Small Intestinal Stenosis (Small intestinal stenosis)
E11032 (CTCAE)
C0151924 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Small Intestine Infection (Small intestine infection)
E11574 (CTCAE)
C1698036 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Small Intestine Ulcer (Small intestine ulcer)
E11038 (CTCAE)
C0151977 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Sneezing (Sneezing)
E13572 (CTCAE)
C0037383 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Social Circumstances - Other, Specify (Social circumstances - Other, Specify)
E13754 (CTCAE)
C0851364 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Soft Tissue Infection (Soft tissue infection)
E11579 (CTCAE)
C0149778 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Soft Tissue Necrosis Lower Limb (Soft tissue necrosis lower limb)
E12525 (CTCAE)
C1698668 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Soft Tissue Necrosis Upper Limb (Soft tissue necrosis upper limb)
E12530 (CTCAE)
C1698634 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Somnolence (Somnolence)
E12814 (CTCAE)
C2830004 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Sore Throat (Sore throat)
E13575 (CTCAE)
C0242429 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Spasticity (Spasticity)
E12820 (CTCAE)
C0026838 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Spermatic Cord Anastomotic Leak (Spermatic cord anastomotic leak)
E11948 (CTCAE)
C1699328 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Spermatic Cord Hemorrhage (Spermatic cord hemorrhage)
E13205 (CTCAE)
C0268940 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Spermatic Cord Obstruction (Spermatic cord obstruction)
E13211 (CTCAE)
C1557933 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Spinal Fracture (Spinal fracture)
E11954 (CTCAE)
C0080179 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Spleen Disorder (Spleen disorder)
E10056 (CTCAE)
C0037997 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Splenic Infection (Splenic infection)
E11584 (CTCAE)
C0948149 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Stenosis Of Gastrointestinal Stoma (Stenosis of gastrointestinal stoma)
E11960 (CTCAE)
C1699177 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (Stevens-Johnson syndrome)
E13736 (CTCAE)
C0038325 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Stoma Site Infection (Stoma site infection)
E11588 (CTCAE)
C1610624 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Stomach Pain (Stomach pain)
E11044 (CTCAE)
C0221512 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Stomal Ulcer (Stomal ulcer)
E11965 (CTCAE)
C2887658 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Stridor (Stridor)
E13579 (CTCAE)
C0038450 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Stroke (Stroke)
E12826 (CTCAE)
C0038454 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Sudden Death NOS (Sudden death NOS)
E11171 (CTCAE)
C0011071 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Suicidal Ideation (Suicidal ideation)
E12964 (CTCAE)
C0424000 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Suicide Attempt (Suicide attempt)
E12969 (CTCAE)
C0038663 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Superficial Soft Tissue Fibrosis (Superficial soft tissue fibrosis)
E12535 (CTCAE)
C1698669 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Superficial Thrombophlebitis (Superficial thrombophlebitis)
E13817 (CTCAE)
C1510431 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Superior Vena Cava Syndrome (Superior vena cava syndrome)
E13819 (CTCAE)
C0038833 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Supraventricular Tachycardia (Supraventricular tachycardia)
E10218 (CTCAE)
C0039240 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Surgical And Medical Procedures - Other, Specify (Surgical and medical procedures - Other, Specify)
E13760 (CTCAE)
C1948041 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Syncope (Syncope)
E12832 (CTCAE)
C0039070 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Telangiectasia (Telangiectasia)
E13740 (CTCAE)
C0039446 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Testicular Disorder (Testicular disorder)
E13215 (CTCAE)
C0039584 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Testicular Hemorrhage (Testicular hemorrhage)
E13221 (CTCAE)
C0268969 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Testicular Pain (Testicular pain)
E13227 (CTCAE)
C0039591 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Thromboembolic Event (Thromboembolic event)
E13825 (CTCAE)
C0040038 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura)
E10061 (CTCAE)
C2584777 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Tinnitus (Tinnitus)
E10287 (CTCAE)
C0040264 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Tooth Development Disorder (Tooth development disorder)
E11048 (CTCAE)
C0494698 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Tooth Discoloration (Tooth discoloration)
E11052 (CTCAE)
C0040434 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Tooth Infection (Tooth infection)
E11594 (CTCAE)
C0877046 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Toothache (Toothache)
E11054 (CTCAE)
C0040460 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (Toxic epidermal necrolysis)
E13743 (CTCAE)
C0014518 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Tracheal Fistula (Tracheal fistula)
E13583 (CTCAE)
C0340214 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Tracheal Hemorrhage (Tracheal hemorrhage)
E11969 (CTCAE)
C0340220 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Tracheal Mucositis (Tracheal mucositis)
E13589 (CTCAE)
C1699329 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Tracheal Obstruction (Tracheal obstruction)
E11975 (CTCAE)
C0340221 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Tracheal Stenosis (Tracheal stenosis)
E13595 (CTCAE)
C0040583 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Tracheitis (Tracheitis)
E11599 (CTCAE)
C0040584 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Tracheostomy Site Bleeding (Tracheostomy site bleeding)
E11981 (CTCAE)
C1699657 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Transient Ischemic Attacks (Transient ischemic attacks)
E12834 (CTCAE)
C0007787 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Treatment Related Secondary Malignancy (Treatment related secondary malignancy)
E12561 (CTCAE)
C0877578 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Tremor (Tremor)
E12837 (CTCAE)
C0040822 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Tricuspid Valve Disease (Tricuspid valve disease)
E10224 (CTCAE)
C0340382 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Trigeminal Nerve Disorder (Trigeminal nerve disorder)
E12841 (CTCAE)
C0152177 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Trismus (Trismus)
E12541 (CTCAE)
C0041105 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Tumor Lysis Syndrome (Tumor lysis syndrome)
E12365 (CTCAE)
C2712743 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Tumor Pain (Tumor pain)
E12565 (CTCAE)
C0854069 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Typhlitis (Typhlitis)
E11058 (CTCAE)
C0267537 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Unequal Limb Length (Unequal limb length)
E12545 (CTCAE)
C0494930 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Unintended Pregnancy (Unintended pregnancy)
E12872 (CTCAE)
C0041747 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Upper Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage (Upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage)
E11062 (CTCAE)
C0041909 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Upper Respiratory Infection (Upper respiratory infection)
E11604 (CTCAE)
C0041912 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Ureteric Anastomotic Leak (Ureteric anastomotic leak)
E11987 (CTCAE)
C1698675 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Urethral Anastomotic Leak (Urethral anastomotic leak)
E11993 (CTCAE)
C1699207 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Urethral Infection (Urethral infection)
E11609 (CTCAE)
C0948357 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Urinary Fistula (Urinary fistula)
E13034 (CTCAE)
C0042021 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Urinary Frequency (Urinary frequency)
E13039 (CTCAE)
C2242975 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Urinary Incontinence (Urinary incontinence)
E13042 (CTCAE)
C0042024 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Urinary Retention (Urinary retention)
E13046 (CTCAE)
C0080274 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Urinary Tract Infection (Urinary tract infection)
E11614 (CTCAE)
C0042029 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Urinary Tract Obstruction (Urinary tract obstruction)
E13052 (CTCAE)
C0178879 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Urinary Tract Pain (Urinary tract pain)
E13058 (CTCAE)
C0423701 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Urinary Urgency (Urinary urgency)
E13062 (CTCAE)
C0085606 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Urine Discoloration (Urine discoloration)
E13065 (CTCAE)
C0522153 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Urine Output Decreased (Urine output decreased)
E12217 (CTCAE)
C1167965 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Urostomy Leak (Urostomy leak)
E11999 (CTCAE)
C1698193 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Urostomy Obstruction (Urostomy obstruction)
E12005 (CTCAE)
C1697984 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Urostomy Site Bleeding (Urostomy site bleeding)
E12011 (CTCAE)
C1698628 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Urostomy Stenosis (Urostomy stenosis)
E12017 (CTCAE)
C1698769 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Urticaria (Urticaria)
E13746 (CTCAE)
C0042109 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Uterine Anastomotic Leak (Uterine anastomotic leak)
E12022 (CTCAE)
C1699812 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Uterine Fistula (Uterine fistula)
E13231 (CTCAE)
C1696087 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Uterine Hemorrhage (Uterine hemorrhage)
E13237 (CTCAE)
C0042134 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Uterine Infection (Uterine infection)
E11619 (CTCAE)
C0042136 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Uterine Obstruction (Uterine obstruction)
E13243 (CTCAE)
C1696113 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Uterine Pain (Uterine pain)
E13247 (CTCAE)
C0567085 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Uterine Perforation (Uterine perforation)
E12028 (CTCAE)
C0042139 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Uveitis (Uveitis)
E10442 (CTCAE)
C0042164 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Vaginal Anastomotic Leak (Vaginal anastomotic leak)
E12034 (CTCAE)
C1698194 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Vaginal Discharge (Vaginal discharge)
E13251 (CTCAE)
C0227791 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Vaginal Dryness (Vaginal dryness)
E13254 (CTCAE)
C0241633 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Vaginal Fistula (Vaginal fistula)
E13258 (CTCAE)
C0042253 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Vaginal Hemorrhage (Vaginal hemorrhage)
E13264 (CTCAE)
C2979982 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Vaginal Infection (Vaginal infection)
E11624 (CTCAE)
C0404521 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Vaginal Inflammation (Vaginal inflammation)
E13270 (CTCAE)
C0042267 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Vaginal Obstruction (Vaginal obstruction)
E13276 (CTCAE)
C1408443 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Vaginal Pain (Vaginal pain)
E13280 (CTCAE)
C0236082 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Vaginal Perforation (Vaginal perforation)
E13284 (CTCAE)
C1696155 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Vaginal Stricture (Vaginal stricture)
E13290 (CTCAE)
C0269208 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Vascuulittiiss (Vasculitis)
E13837 (CTCAE)
C0042384 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Vasovagal Reaction (Vasovagal reaction)
E12851 (CTCAE)
C1710621 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Venous Injury (Venous injury)
E12051 (CTCAE)
C0340770 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Ventricular Arrhythmia (Ventricular arrhythmia)
E10230 (CTCAE)
C0085612 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Ventricular Fibrillation (Ventricular fibrillation)
E10236 (CTCAE)
C0042510 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Ventricular Tachycardia (Ventricular tachycardia)
E10239 (CTCAE)
C0042514 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Vertigo (Vertigo)
E10291 (CTCAE)
C0042571 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Vestibular Disorder (Vestibular disorder)
E10295 (CTCAE)
C0042594 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Virilization (Virilization)
E10343 (CTCAE)
C0042755 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Visceral Arterial Ischemia (Visceral arterial ischemia)
E13843 (CTCAE)
C0853812 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Vital Capacity Abnormal (Vital capacity abnormal)
E12220 (CTCAE)
C0853735 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Vitreous Hemorrhage (Vitreous hemorrhage)
E10447 (CTCAE)
C0042909 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Voice Alteration (Voice alteration)
E13601 (CTCAE)
C1527340 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Vomiting (Vomiting)
E11068 (CTCAE)
C0042963 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Vulval Infection (Vulval infection)
E11629 (CTCAE)
C1699561 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Watering Eyes (Watering eyes)
E10452 (CTCAE)
C0152227 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Weight Gain (Weight gain)
E12224 (CTCAE)
C0043094 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Weight Loss (Weight loss)
E12228 (CTCAE)
C1262477 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Wheezing (Wheezing)
E13605 (CTCAE)
C0043144 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
White Blood Cell Decreased (White blood cell decreased)
E12232 (CTCAE)
C0750394 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Wolff-parkinson-white Syndrome (Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome)
E10244 (CTCAE)
C0043202 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Wound Complication (Wound complication)
E12057 (CTCAE)
C1096106 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Wound Dehiscence (Wound dehiscence)
E12063 (CTCAE)
C0259768 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Wound Infection (Wound infection)
E11635 (CTCAE)
C0043241 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Wrist Fracture (Wrist fracture)
E12069 (CTCAE)
C0016644 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Vagus nerve disorder (Vagus nerve disorder)
C0152179 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Vascular Disorders - Other, Specify (Vascular disorderrs - Other, Specify)
C0042373 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Vaginismus (Vaginismus)
C2004487 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Vas Deferens Anastomotic Leak (Vas deferens anastomotic leak)
C1699326 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Vascular Access Complication (Vascular access complication)
C0920165 (UMLS CUI-1)
C41331 (NCI Thesaurus ObjectClass)
C48309 (NCI Thesaurus Property)
C49705 (NCI Thesaurus Property-2)
C25676 (NCI Thesaurus Property-3)
C41331 (NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain)
C48309 (NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain-2)
C25676 (NCI Thesaurus ValueDomain-3)
C2985921 (UMLS CUI-1)
Code List
CL Item
Absent Adverse Event (0)
C75533 (NCI Thesaurus)
C2699517 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Mild Adverse Event (1)
C84263 (NCI Thesaurus)
C1513302 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Moderate Adverse Event (2)
C84264 (NCI Thesaurus)
C1513374 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Severe Adverse Event (3)
C84265 (NCI Thesaurus)
C2919019 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Life Threatening Adverse Event (4)
C84266 (NCI Thesaurus)
C1517874 (UMLS CUI-1)
CL Item
Death Related To Adverse Event (5)
C48275 (NCI Thesaurus)
C1705232 (UMLS CUI-1)

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