DGU TraumaRegister® questionnaire; Data are collected prospectively in four consecutive time phases from the site of the accident until discharge from hospital: A) Pre-hospital phase, B) Emergency room and initial surgery, C) Intensive care unit and D) Discharge. The documentation includes detailed information on demographics, injury pattern, comorbidities, pre- and in-hospital management, course on intensive care unit, relevant laboratory findings including data on transfusion and outcome of each individual. The inclusion criterion is admission to hospital via emergency room with subsequent ICU/ICM care or reach the hospital with vital signs and die before admission to ICU. The infrastructure for documentation, data management, and data analysis is provided by AUC - Academy for Trauma Surgery (AUC - Akademie der Unfallchirurgie GmbH), a company affiliated to the German Trauma Society. The scientific leadership is provided by the Committee on Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care and Trauma Management (Sektion NIS) of the German Trauma Society. The participating hospitals submit their data anon-ymously into a central database via a web-based application. Scientific data analysis is approved according to a peer review procedure established by Sektion NIS. TraumaRegister DGU® - Hinweise für die Publikation von Ergebnissen 5 März 2014 Seite 3 von 3 © 2014 TraumaRegister DGU® / AUC GmbH The participating hospitals are primarily located in Germany (90%), but a rising number of hospitals of other countries contribute data as well (at the moment from Austria, Belgium, China, Finland, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and the United Arab Emirates). Currently, approx. 25,000 cases from more than 600 hospitals are entered into the database per year. Participation in TraumaRegister DGU® is voluntary. For hospitals associated with TraumaNetzwerk DGU®, however, the entry of at least a basic data set is obligatory for reasons of quality assurance.


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S.0022_DGU TraumaRegister General Information S

General Information DGU TraumaRegister questionnaire

Patient information
Patientenalter am Unfalltag
Geburtsdatum unbekannt
Cause of Accident
physical trauma
Gesundheitszustand vor Unfall
ASA Physical Status (before accident)
if previous answered with yes, please specify
Type of accident