- 9/17/21 - 8 forms, 29 itemgroups, 210 items, 1 language
Itemgroups: Administrative Information,Infection-related Examination,Infection related Signs and Symptoms,Post-Operative Wound Examination,Wound Infection,Signs and Symptoms of Wound Infection,Vital Signs examination,Temperature,Study drug loading dose,Study drug administration ATM-AVI,Study drug administration Metronidazole,Surgical Procedure,Description of Findings,Microbiology,Overdose Report,Overdose Report,Lab Values,Laboratory procedures,Liver Diagnostic Assessments,Liver Diagnostic,Liver risk factors,Liver risk factors,Liver signs and symptoms,Liver signs and symptoms,Administrative Information,Electrocardiogram (ECG),Administrative Information,PK sample Central Lab,Pharmakokinetics Sampling at Day 4

Late Followup-Visit 18

23 itemgroups 168 items

Baseline-Visit 2

21 itemgroups 196 items

Test of Cure-Visit 17

23 itemgroups 160 items
- 6/21/17 - 1 form, 1 itemgroup, 4 items, 1 language
Itemgroup: Registration
- 2/15/16 - 1 form, 1 itemgroup, 1 item, 1 language
Itemgroup: Investigator's electronic signature

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