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- 4/21/18 - 1 form, 14 itemgroups, 133 items, 1 language
Itemgroups: Adverse Events, Concomitant Medication, Demographics, Disease Characteristics, Disposition, ECG, Laboratory, Laboratory Data, Medical History, Patient Reported Outcome, Substance Use, Surgery, Tumor Response, Vital Signs
- 11/15/19 - 1 form, 18 itemgroups, 72 items, 1 language
Itemgroups: Administrative, Concomitant Medications, Concomitant Medications , Non-Serious adverse Events, Non-Serious adverse Events , Serious Adverse Event, Serious Adverse Event - Section 1, Serious Adverse Event - Section 2 Seriousness, Serious Adverse Event - Section 3 Demography Data, Serious Adverse Event - Section 4, Serious Adverse Event - Section 5 Possible Causes of SAE Other Than Investigational Product(s), Serious Adverse Event - Section 6 Relevant medical Conditions, Serious Adverse Event - Section 7 Other relevant Risk Factors, Serious Adverse Event - Section 8 Relevant Concomitant Medications, Serious Adverse Event - Section 9 Details of Investigational Product(s), Serious Adverse Event - Section 10 Details of relevant Assessments, Serious Adverse Event - Section 11 Narrative Remarks, Investigator's signature
- 11/12/19 - 1 form, 2 itemgroups, 19 items, 1 language
Itemgroups: Administrative documentation, Concomitant Medications
Study ID: 111364 Clinical Study ID: 111364 Study Title: A 28-Day, Polysomnographic and subjective assessment of Vestipitant (15mg/day) for the treatment of Primary Insomnia in adult Outpatients Patient Level Data: Study Listed on Identifier: NCT00992160 Links: Sponsor: GlaxoSmithKline Collaborators: N/A Phase: Phase 2 Study Recruitment Status: Completed Generic Name: Vestipitant, Placebo Trade Name: N/A Study Indication: Primary Insomnia, Sleep Disorders This phase II, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial studies the polysomnographic and subjective effect of the neurokinin (NK1) antagonist vestipitant (15mg/day at bedtime) for the treatment of primary insomnia in adult outpatients over a period of four weeks. The study consists of a clinical Screening Visit (Visit 1), up to 21 days before investigational product/placebo initiation, two screening polysomnographies (Visits 2 and 3), followed by a placebo run-in until Visit 4, at which the subject is randomized to vestipitant or placebo, taken every night for 28 days. On Day 1 and 2 (Visits 4 and 5), polysomnographies are performed. Visit 6 is a safety visit on Day 15. On Day 27 and 28, Visits 7 and 8 are performed, which again include polysomnography studies. Subjects then undergo a 7 to 10 day placebo run-out period and have Day 7 and Day 14 Follow-Up Visit (Visits 9 and 10). This form is to be filled in continously during the study and/or at the Day 14 Follow-up evaluation and contains information on other medication the participant has received during the course of the study.
- 10/30/19 - 1 form, 19 itemgroups, 82 items, 1 language
Itemgroups: Administrative, Visit Date, Was a physical examination performed?, Physical Examination, Vital Signs, 12-Lead ECG, ECG Results, ECG Findings, Hematology, Hematology , Clinical Chemistry, Coagulation and Electrolytes, Clinical Chemistry, Coagulation and Electrolytes , Urinalysis dipstick results, Urinalysis microscopy results, Urinalysis microscopy results , Serum beta-hCG Pregnancy Test, PK Sampling - Plasma Samples, Study Treatment Compliance (Return) , New Adverse Events and Concomitant Treatment