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Eligibility NCT00662714 Cystic Fibrosis


  1. StudyEvent: Eligibility
    1. Eligibility
Inclusion Criteria
age at least 10 Years
Diagnosed cystic fibrosis
Newly diagnosed Diabetes mellitus in the screening
Exclusion Criteria
Diabetic keto-acidosis (blood glucose > 350 mg/dl and arterial pH < 7.25)
Already treated Diabetes mellitus by oral antidiabetic medication or insulin
Systemic steroid therapy during the last 3 months
Transplantation (status post TX or on the waiting list for TX)
Beginning pulmonary insufficiency, FEV1 < 35% at pulmonary function test in stable condition
Pregnancy, Gestation
Already diagnosed and treated diabetes mellitus
Patients with diabetic keto-acidosis (blood glucose > 350 mg/dl and arterial pH < 7.25) with or without diabetic coma
Severe liver insufficiency (chronic hepatitis B, AST or ALT twice the upper limit of normal, Quick's value < 70% which is a contraindication to use Repaglinide)
Treatment with an indispensable important drug which contraindicates Repaglinide
PEG/ gastric tube/ total parenteral alimentation for more than 4 weeks during the study
CF-patients with type 1 diabetes
Not patient's consent to randomisation and therapeutic trial
Participation on other medical trial

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