The purpose of this Phase II study is to determine if AZD4877, an experimental drug that is a novel anti-mitotic agent (Eg5 or Kinesin Spindle Protein inhibitor that interferes with tumor cell division leading to tumor growth), can reduce tumor sizes in patients with bladder cancer see

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A Phase II Study of AZD4877 (a Novel Anti-mitotic DRKS00004052

Eligibility Bladder Cancer NCT00661609

Inclusion criteria
Confirmed urothelial cancer (cancer of the bladder, renal pelvis, ureter, or urethra).
Tumor, Node, Metastasis (TNM) Stage IV urothelial cancer that can not be helped by curative surgery and/or curative radiotherapy
Must have had a maximum of 2 prior chemotherapeutic regimens, one for unremovable and/or metastasized disease, and the other in the adjuvant or neo-adjuvant setting.
Ambulatory and capable of all selfcare more than 50% of waking hours
Exclusion criteria
Prior treatment with investigational or standard anti-cancer agents, including radiotherapy, within 4 weeks prior to first dose of study medication; 6 weeks if prior systemic mitomycin, nitrosourea, or suramin.
Inadequate bone marrow reserve
Inadequate liver function in the presence of liver metastases
Impaired renal function

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