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Eligibility Criteria NCT00071084


  1. StudyEvent: Eligibility
    1. Eligibility
Medical diagnosis of CTCL, and positivity for the CD4 receptor. - Late stage CTCL
Have received at least one prior anti-cancer therapy with inadequate effect
WHO performance status 0,1 or 2 - Male or female, age 18 or older. - Signed informed consent.
Certain rare types of CTCL.
Previous treatment with other anti-CD4 medications. - More than two previous treatments with systemic chemotherapy. - Certain anti-psoriasis or anti-cancer therapies within the last 4 weeks before entering this trial. - Some types of steroid treatments less than two weeks before entering the trial
Prolonged exposure to sunlight or UV light during the trial. - Other cancer diseases, except certain skin cancers or cervix cancer. - Chronic infectious disease requiring medication. - Certain serious medical conditions, including kidney or liver disease, some psychiatric illnesses, and stomach, lung, heart, hormonal, nerve or blood diseases. - Certain laboratory values which are too high or too low. - HIV positivity
Pregnant or breast-feeding women. - Women of childbearing age who are unable or unwilling to use an IUD or hormonal birth control during the whole trial
If you are participating in another trial with a different new drug 4 weeks before you enter this trial
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