Neuroprotection With Phenytoin in Optic Neuritis; ODM derived from:


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January 22, 2021

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Eligibility Optic Neuritis NCT01451593

Eligibility Optic Neuritis NCT01451593

Inclusion Criteria
diagnosis of acute optic neuritis
visual acuity in affected eye ≤ 6/12
corrected vision in normal eye ≥ 6/6
no history of optic neuritis or other ocular disease in either eye
≤ 14 days since onset of visual loss
Exclusion Criteria
contraindication or known allergy to phenytoin
contraindication to mri
use of a calcium channel or sodium channel blocker in the past 2 months
corticosteroid use in the past 2 months
tysabri infusion in the past 3 months
ms with major temperature dependent disability
relapsing remitting ms of greater than 10 yrs duration or edss>3
breast feeding
significant cardiac, renal or liver abnormalities