High Dose Chemotherapy Using BeEAM for Autologous Transplant in Multiple Myeloma; ODM derived from:


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Eligibility Multiple Myeloma NCT02416206

Eligibility Multiple Myeloma NCT02416206

Inclusion Criteria
age between 18 - 70 years
karnofsky status ≥ 70%
diagnosis of multiple myeloma
within 9 months of the start of induction chemotherapy and no evidence of relapse or progression.
availability of cryopreserved peripheral blood stem cells with a cd34 dose of at least 2x106/kg.
Exclusion Criteria
poor cardiac function: left ventricular ejection fraction <40%
poor pulmonary function: fev1, fvc, or dlco <40% predicted
poor liver function: bilirubin >2.5 mg/dl (not due to hemolysis, gilbert's or primary malignancy), ast/alt > 3x uln
poor renal function: creatinine >2.0 mg/dl or creatinine clearance < 40 ml/min (calculated creatinine clearance is permitted)
ongoing or active systemic infection, active hepatitis b or c virus infection, or known human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) positive.
women of childbearing potential who currently are pregnant or who are not practicing adequate contraception
patients who have any debilitating medical or psychiatric illness which would preclude their giving informed consent or their receiving optimal treatment and follow-up.