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Eligibility End Stage Renal Disease NCT02460263

Eligibility End Stage Renal Disease NCT02460263

Inclusion Criteria
subject has end stage renal disease (esrd) adequately treated by maintenance dialysis achieving a kt/v ≥ 1.2 and has been deemed stable for at least three months by his/her treating nephrologist.
subject has a well-functioning and stable vascular access that allows a blood flow of at least 300 ml/min.
Exclusion Criteria
life expectancy less than 12 months from first study procedure.
subject has had a recent major cardiovascular adverse event within the last 3 months.
subject has new york class iii or iv congestive heart failure, or ejection fraction less than 30%.
subject with fluid overload due to intractable ascites secondary to liver cirrhosis.
subject has uncontrolled blood pressure.
subject is intolerant to heparin.
subject is seroreactive for hepatitis b surface antigen.
subject has an active, life-threatening, rheumatologic disease.
subject has a history of adverse reactions to dialyzer membrane material.
subject is expected to receive an organ transplant during the course of the study.
subject has a life-threatening malignancy actively receiving treatment that would prevent successful completion of the study protocol.