ACNS0122 PBSC Harvest Worksheet NCT00047320 Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy With or Without Second-Look Surgery Followed by Radiation Therapy With or Without Peripheral Stem Cell Transplantation in Treating Patients With Intracranial Germ Cell Tumors Source Form: NCI FormBuilder:


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PBSC Harvest Worksheet Germ Cell Tumors ACNS0122 NCT00047320

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Height / Weight
Peripheral stem cell transplantation
Did the patient have PBSC harvest during this reporting period?
Was Bone Marrow harvesting performed?
Organ function
Did the patient have adequate CD34+ cells collected?
Does the patient have adequate bone marrow function?
Does the patient have adequate renal function?
Does the patient have adequate liver function?
Does the patient have adequate Central Nervous System function?

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