ADVL0212- Review Form (Dr. Chin) FR901228 in Treating Children With Refractory or Recurrent Solid Tumors or Leukemia Source Form: NCI FormBuilder: NCT00053963


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ADVL0212- Review Form (Dr. Chin) NCT00053963

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ECG Assessment
Did patient experience any of the following: SVT, atrial fibrillation, or atrial flutter?
check all that apply
Did patient experience prolonged QTc compared to baseline?
check all that apply
Was there a T wave inversion in leads II, III, AVF (inferior leads) or V4, V5, and V6 (lateral leads)?
Was ST segment at the J-point greater than or equal to 2 mm below baseline in leads II, II AVF (inferior leads), V4, V5, V6 (lateral leads)?
Did patient experience ventricular arrhythmia?
Ccrr Module For Advl0212- Review Form (dr. Chin)

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