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- 2017-06-08 - 1 Formulär, 36 Item-grupper, 383 Dataelement, 2 Språk
Item-grupper: Nursing Assessment, Neurological status, GLASGOW COMA SCALE, PUPILS, ORIENTATION, Cardiovascular, Eyes Ear Nose & Throat, EYES, EARS, NOSE, THROAT, Respiratory, Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary, Musculoskeletal, Skin, PRESSURE ULCER ASSESSMENT, Wound(s), INCISION(S), Nutrition, IV Therapy, Safety, Hendrich II Fall Risk Assessment, INTERVENTIONS, IMPAIRED MOBILITY RISK, ALTERED ELIMINATION, HIGH RISK FALL MEDICATIONS (ANTIEPILEPTICS & BENZODIAZEPINES), INTERVENTIONS (FOR ONCOLOGY USE ONLY), ONN Unit specific, Antepartum specific, Post partum specific, Post Surgical, ADOLESCENT INTERACTION, GERIATRIC INTERVENTION (65+), Hendrich Fall Risk, SUGGESTED INTERVENTIONS
- 2017-05-23 - 4 Formulär, 9 Item-grupper, 26 Dataelement, 2 Språk
Item-grupper: Treatment goals, Treatment plan, Equipment and Resources, Healing and therapy process, Hygiene activity, Wound protection, Therapy, causal, Education of patient and relatives, Treatment results, preliminary

Body - Anamnese (medical history)

11 Item-grupper, 36 Dataelement31

Body - Diagnose (diagnosis)

2 Item-grupper, 6 Dataelement31


3 Item-grupper, 18 Dataelement31
- 2015-05-21 - 1 Formulär, 10 Item-grupper, 150 Dataelement, 2 Språk
Item-grupper: Demographics, Medical History, Medical device, Diagnosis, Procedure, Findings, Laboratory Findings, Medication, Scores&Classifications, Patient Characteristics
- 2016-04-19 - 2 Formulär, 9 Item-grupper, 52 Dataelement, 2 Språk
Item-grupper: Care problem, Score, Care goal, Nursing procedure, Activities of daily living, Homecare Status, Social Environment, Legal Aspects, Medical information


3 Item-grupper, 18 Dataelement31
- 2017-05-23 - 1 Formulär, 21 Item-grupper, 341 Dataelement, 2 Språk
Item-grupper: Current episode, Transfer diagnosis, Other Diagnoses, Beta blocker, Calcium Channel Blockers, Angiotensin 2 Receptor Blocker, ACE inhibitors, Diuretics, Cardiac drugs, Antikoagulanzien, Antidiabetics , Antidepressive Agents, Neuroleptic Drugs, Hormonal contraceptives, Bronchodilator Agents, Antilipemic agent, Analgesics, Anti-Infective Agents, Antiparkinson Agents, Glucocorticoids, Other medication
- 2017-06-04 - 1 Formulär, 3 Item-grupper, 33 Dataelement, 2 Språk
Item-grupper: Maternal Family History, Paternal Family History, Siblings Family History
- 2016-07-09 - 1 Formulär, 20 Item-grupper, 313 Dataelement, 1 Språk
Item-grupper: Medical History, Befund, Clinical presentation, General therapy, Lab, Diagnostics, Cor, Hematology, Gastrointestinal system, Diabetes, Kidney, CNS, Lung, Psychiatrics, Epicrisis, Consultation, Clinical course, Mobilization and social service, Patient education and discharge, Procedere
- 2015-08-22 - 1 Formulär, 15 Item-grupper, 54 Dataelement, 3 Språk
Item-grupper: Allergy, Medical Alert Information, History of Past Illness, Social History, Pregnancy History, Vaccination, Medical Devices and Implants, Medical problems (current), Vital Signs Observations, Diagnostic Tests, Disability or function, Medication, Surgical Procedure, Treatments, Care plan
- 2015-06-25 - 1 Formulär, 11 Item-grupper, 110 Dataelement, 2 Språk
Item-grupper: History and Physical Examination Elements, Patient History, Family History, Patient Assessment, Laboratory Results Elements, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures Elements, Diagnostic Procedure Results, Therapeutic Procedures, Therapeutic Procedure Device Implants, Pharmacological Therapy Data Elements, Outcomes Data Elements