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Itemgroups: Patient ID, Baseline Characteristics, Baseline Condition Factors, Treatment-specific
CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE DATA COLLECTION REFERENCE GUIDE Version 1.0.0 Revised October 25th, 2017 www.ichom.org Conditions: Chronic Kidney Disease Stage G3a/A3 | Chronic Kidney Disease StageG 3b/A2/A3 | Chronic Kidney Disease Stage G4 | Chronic Kidney Disease Stage G5 (KDIGO 2012 Stages) Treatment Approaches: Pre-RRT = Pre-Renal Replacement Therapy | HD = Haemodialysis | PD = Peritoneal Dialysis | Tx = Renal Transplantation | CC = Conservative Care This ODM-file contains Baseline Characteristics, Baseline Condition factors and Treatment-specific variables, clinical or administrative. To be collected at Baseline Visit. Surveys used: The OptumTM SF-36v2® Health Survey: The SF-36v2 Health Survey requires a license agreement prior to the use or reprodution of the tool. Information on how to obtain a license can be found here: bit.ly/SF36LIC . The scoring guide for the SF36v2 is only available upon a license agreement being made. Due to the requirement of a license the Score cannot be found in this version of the standard set. PROMIS-Global Health and PROMIS-29: Free for use in clinical practice and a license is not required. Information http://www.nihpromis.org/measures/translations . The scoring guides for the two PROMIS Scores can be found at bit.ly/PROMISGLOBALSCORE and bit.ly/PROMIS29SCORE . RAND-36: Free for use in clinical practice and a license is not required. The RAND-36 is available in English and Arabic. https://www.rand.org/health/surveys_tools/mos/36-item-short-form.html . The Scoring guide can be found at bit.ly/RAND36Score .