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  1. 1. Clinical Trial
  2. 2. Routine Documentation
  3. 3. Registry/Cohort Study
  4. 4. Quality Assurance
  5. 5. Data Standard
  6. 6. Patient-Reported Outcome
  7. 7. Medical Specialty
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- 9/20/21 - 1 form, 22 itemgroups, 159 items, 1 language
Itemgroups: Header Module,Eligibility Screening Form,Randomization,Informed Consent,Header,Vital signs and physical measurements,ECG,LVEF,HER2/neu status (local lab),Central Laboratory,Hormonal receptor status,History of primary breast cancer,Hematology and Biochemistry,History of primary cancer (continued),Sentinel nodes sampling,Primary breast cancer surgery,Axillary node dissection,Prior neo-/adjuvant chemotherapy for primary breast cancer,Previous or current cardiovascular disease,Previous or current diseases other than primary breast and cardiovascular diseases,Radiological examination,Translational Research (Appendix 5)

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