- 20/09/21 - 4 moduli, 9 itemgroups, 26 elementi, 2 lingue
Itemgroups: Treatment goals,Treatment plan,Equipment and Resources,Healing and therapy process,Hygiene activity,Wound protection,Therapy, causal,Education of patient and relatives,Treatment results, preliminary

Body - Anamnese (medical history)

11 itemgroups 36 elementi

Body - Diagnose (diagnosis)

2 itemgroups 6 elementi


3 itemgroups 18 elementi
- 20/07/19 - 1 modulo, 4 itemgroups, 6 elementi, 1 linguaggio
Itemgroups: Administrative Data,Trauma,Glasgow Coma Scale,Injury Severity Score
- 23/11/16 - 1 modulo, 4 itemgroups, 28 elementi, 1 linguaggio
Itemgroups: Localisation and measures of wound 1,Localisation and measures of wound 2,Localisation and measures of wound 3,Multiple wounds

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