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Itemgroups: Administration, Demographics, General Medical History / Physical Examination, Medical Condition, Laboratory Tests, HCG Urine Pregnancy Test, Blood Sample Conclusion, Vaccine Administration, Vaccine Administration, Unsolicited Adverse Events, Solicited Adverse Events - Local Symptoms, Solicited Adverse Events - General Symptoms
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Itemgroups: Administrative data, ELIMINATION CRITERIA, INFORMED CONSENT, DEMOGRAPHICS, ELIGIBILITY CHECK, INCLUSION CRITERIA, EXCLUSION CRITERIA, TREATMENT ALLOCATION, GENERAL MEDICAL HISTORY / PHYSICAL EXAMINATION, HISTORY OF INFLUENZA VACCINATION, LABORATORY TESTS, HCG URINE PREGNANCY TEST, VACCINE ADMINISTRATION, VACCINE NON-ADMINISTRATION, SOLICITED ADVERSE EVENTS - LOCAL SYMPTOMS, Local Symptoms - Redness, Local Symptoms - Swelling, Local Symptoms - Induration, Local Symptoms - Ecchymosis, Local Symptoms - Pain, SOLICITED ADVERSE EVENTS - GENERAL SYMPTOMS, General Symptoms - Temperature, General Symptoms - Fatigue, General Symptoms - Headache, General Symptoms - Myalgia, General Symptoms - Shivering, General Symptoms - Arthralgia, General Symptoms - Sweating increase, UNSOLICITED ADVERSE EVENTS
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Itemgroups: Administrative data, Elimination Criteria During The Study, Contraindications To Subsequent Vaccination, Absolute Contraindications for InfanrixTM-IPV and Aventis PediacelTM Combination Vaccines, Precautions for Vaccination, Informed Consent, Demographics, Eligibility Check, Inclusion Criteria, Exclusion Criteria, Randomisation / Treatment Allocation, Physical Examination, Vaccine History, Laboratory Tests - Blood, Vaccine Administration, Vaccine, Vaccine 2, Non-administration, Unsolicited Adverse Events, Solicited Adverse Events - Local Symptoms, Solicited Adverse Events - Local Symptoms - Vaccine 2, Solicited Adverse Events, General Symptoms